Server Events
Changed how messages are loaded from the config.json to prevent crashing.
Updated some auth related code.

Added new Option:
"RequireFullParticipation": false, //True will require a player to be in the Arena when the boss spawns and dies to get rewards //False only requires they are present for the boss kill.

(single config change noted above)
Added new EventSettings setting
"PreventBossDamageOutsideArena": true //Prevent boss from being able to do damage when it escapes the arena boundary
**Server Events v1.08**

Fixed issue with dino rewards like Giga retaining high HP first time they are un-cryo'd.

**(no config changes)**
Dino Storage v2 compatibility changes for mystery rewards. If you plan to use that feature you will want to get this update so when the DSv2 update drops you will have full mystery reward support.
v1.06 (See the commented config for additional info.)

Added new commands
> "StartRandomEvent": "/startrandom",
> "StartRandomEventRCON": "serverevents.startrandom"```
Added new section to support random events `RandomEvents`
Added new reward option `"Type": "dino",`
Added EventSetting `"MinPlayerLevel": 1`
Fixed Unicode display for the Event Label.
Added DinoStorage v2 support (allows me provide soul pods without showing the dino as the reward)
Added random reward dino list
  "DinoRewardUsesSoulPod": false,
  "RandomDinoRewards": [
Added new Dino Blueprint option `"random"` to choose a random dino reward.
          { //Gives a dino (0 or more of this type)
            "Type": "dino",
            "Level": 150,
            "Neutered": false,
            "Blueprint": "random" //Selects a random dino from the RandomDinoRewards list
New messaging `CryoReward` and `CryoRewardDescription` (Unicode displays properly)
Added random item rewards (works the same as dinos but for items see above notes)
Add Min/Max Quality for item rewards to fine tune the how good the rewards can be.
GPS Coords will have max of 2 decimal places.
New Arena Option `HealWithEmptyArena`
Boss Tether will attempt to update its target list.
The wireframe dome has been replaced with a new arena boundary.
New Option `"UseTekArena": true,`

**(Several config changes needed !update)**

**If you use the `DumpAll` setting I recommend for the API you can load this without issues otherwise follow the link below to set it up.
Failing to do this will cause your server to crash.**

Command was added as a new reward type.
{ //Gives a command like ArkShop
"Type": "command",
"Command": "GiveEngrams"


If the Event Dino is Destroyed via admin commands instead of being Killed the event will cancel and not reward any loot and will no longer crash.
Admin Rifle can be used to kill the Event Dino and end the event normally giving out loot etc.
Typing in a bad EventID (They are case sensitive) will no longer show the event canceled message with a blank event label.

Added new Arena option:
"PreventBossTetherHeal": false, //True prevents the event boss from healing when being kited outside of the arena and just do the teleport from the tether.

Added new EventSettings option:
"DestroyAllStructures": false //True will destroy any player structures in the event area when the boss spawns

Added new EventBalanceSettings options:
"AllowStatusEffects": false, //True will allow debuffs like bleeds/fire to work (skiff pickup is blocked regardless)
"DisablePVP": false, //True will disable all PVP damage in the event arena
"ShowFloatingDamageText": false, //True shows floating damage text in the event arena

(Config changes needed to each Event Arena, EventSettings and EventBalanceSettings sections)
Random crash fix
Added new option for boss damage "IncreaseDamageByPercent": 0, //0 or less Disables any damage changes. Greater than 0 will increase damage by that percentage.
Added code to prevent starting an event while riding a dino.
Fixed "ImmuneOutsideDamage": true causing everything outside the event to be immune to damage. Added new commands to allow canceling an event.
Minor stability change

(Config change needed to each boss section you created, Messages and Command sections)