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License activation is automatic and must be done through discord using my license bot join and type "
!PURCHASE" for additional information
Buy once (no renewals needed)

Plugin allows admins to run special server events!
(Open World Arena Boss Fights)

Boss Features

> Set custom boss level
> Set custom health
> Enable/Disable normal engram unlocks
> Enable/Disable normal achievements
> Enable/Disable normal boss loot

Arena Features
> Specify open world Arena size
> Set color of Arena border
> Enable/Disable rules to keep the boss in the arena (includes anti-kiting mechanics)
> Enable/Disable building in the arena
> Enable/Disable flying in the arena
> Enable/Disable structure damage in the arena

Reward Features
> StaticLoot -
Spawns loot crates after boss dies (configured per Event)
Select which loot crate to spawn and how many should spawn

> PerPlayerLoot - Each player will receive all rewards listed (configured per Event).
Rewards in this loot section can be Item(s), Experience, Shop Points, Engram Unlocks

Other Event Settings
> Event start timer (displays leading up to event boss spawning)
> Event cooldown timer (displays after the event boss being killed)
> Balance settings to nerf certain dino damage like Giga's which make most bosses too easy.

RCON/Console Commands
> Reload plugin config `serverevents.reload` (RCON or Console)
> Start event `serverevents.start` configurable (usage `serverevents.start <EventName> <ccc coords>` RCON Only)

Admin Chat Command
> Start event `/start` configurable (usage `/start <EventName>`)

Shop, Currency & Kits is required to award shop points and must be installed as well.

One license is limited to a single physical server, so multiple ark servers running on the same machine (HWID) would only need 1 license.

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Latest updates

  1. 1.13

  2. 1.12

  3. 1.11

    Changed how messages are loaded from the config.json to prevent crashing. Updated some auth...

Latest reviews

I love this plugin.
- Well structured
- super customizable
- also feels like a finished version
- Good description
- The support is great as always
- Easy self-activation of the license via Discord

5/5 stars