SafeZones 3.41

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  • Fixed structures not being protected
  • You can now make structures damageable in certain zones even in PvE servers. To enable this just set "PreventStructureDamage":false
  • Prevented grappling players inside the safe zone if prevent pvp is true
  • Added new option to allow PvP in PvE servers, for this to work you just need "PreventPvP": false
  • Added a new config option for zones. This option will teleport the player/dino who enters the zone to the specified coords X Y Z
  • Changed how config is read to prevent crashing if an option is missing

Config changes needed!

        "Enabled": true,
        "TeleportToDestination": [ 35232.5, -13253.1, -15230 ]
  • Fixed a random crash
  • Fixed a case where adding a new template with commands would override existing config
  • Fixed unable to spawn in beds sometimes
  • Updated internal logic so it doesn't lag when checking zone events
  • Improved enter/leave preventions and teleport locations when they are not allowed to enter/leave
  • Added various config options:
  • "GiveDinosInCryopod": true, - If true when the command `SZGiveItems` is executed, it will give the dinos in cryopod
  • "ShowBubble": false, - If true a bubble like tek forcefield will appear around the zone
  • "BubbleColor": [ 1, 0, 0 ], - Color of the zone's bubble, values from 0-1. Example for yellow: [1, 1, 0]
  • "SaddleBlueprint": "" - Saddle of the dino (only given if it's spawned in cryopods)
  • "ForMap" - Input map name where the zone should be created. Allows to use same config for multiple maps
  • Reworked override spawn point config, it now allows to set different spawn locations based on spawn zone name
  • Added command: `SZShowSpawnPoints` (Console/RCON). It will show the name of the spawn points for getting correct config values for the override spawn feature

New commands:

[RCON] SZGiveItems - Command is now usable via RCON
[Console] SZCreateZone <zone name>` - Creates a zone in the player's position and adds it to config (only name and position, all other options are false by default)
[RCON] SZReloadConfig - Command is now usable by RCON

- Notes:
- Plugin should support live loading and unloading
- On config reload/live load all zones get re-created so the config changes are correctly applied

  • Added override spawn point option
  • Fixed SZGiveItems
  • Updated for API v2.5
  • Fixed PreventBuilding option
  • Added SZGiveItems command
  • Added ability to restrict players from joining/leaving zones
  • Improved KillWildDinos
  • PreventPVP also prevents player from being picked
  • A lot of other fixes/changes
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Fixed several issues should be working as normal
Fixed chatbox bug
Added safezone message 10 seconds after login
ChatBox bug fix
Added new Config ClaimCommand set true or false to allow the command to work
Added new Config GiveItemsOnSpawnInZone only works when the a player spawns in the safezone i.e the player chooses a spawn and your safezone is around it