SafeZones 3.2

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  • Prevent PVP in certain area's
  • Prevent Building in certain area's
  • Prevent Structure damage in certain area's
  • Notifications on Entering and Leaving SafeZone area's
  • Ability to restrict players from joining/leaving area
  • Ability to give items in SafeZone's
  • Change spawn point
  • Configuration reloading
  • Supports Permissions Plugin
Console Commands:
  • SZGiveItems <ZoneName> - Gives items from config to all players in this zone.
  • SZEnterSettings <ZoneName> <PreventEntering> <PreventLeaving> - Changes safezone enter settings. PreventEntering and PreventLeaving can be either 1 or 0.
  • SZReloadConfig - Reloads config.json.
Useful command to display your coordinates: ShowDebug physics

Default config contains 2 zones as an example. You can create as many as you want.
  "Name":"Zone1", // Safe zone name
  "Position":[ // Safe zone location
  "Radius":1800, // Safe zone size
  "KillWildDinos":true, // Kills all wild dinos in safe zone
  "PreventLeaving":false, // Prevents players from leaving safe zone
  "PreventEntering":false, // Prevents players from entering safe zone
  "EnableEvents":true, // Options like PreventLeaving, PreventEntering, Notification require this to be enabled
  "ScreenNotifications":true, // Enables on-screen messages
  "ChatNotifications":true, // Enables chat messages
    "You have entered {0}",
    "You have left {0}",
    "This is a Community trade center you can not build here",
    "You are not allowed to enter",
    "You are not allowed to leave"
  "ItemsConfig":{ // Items that player will receive if SZGiveItems command was used
"OverrideSpawnPoint":[  // New spawn points, random point will be chosen
  • SafeZones.<Name> - Permissions to enter in the specific zone (if "PreventEntering" is enabled). Example: SafeZones.Zone1.
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Latest updates

  1. 3.2

    Added override spawn point option Fixed SZGiveItems
  2. 3.1

    Updated for API v2.5 Fixed PreventBuilding option
  3. 3.0

    Added SZGiveItems command Added ability to restrict players from joining/leaving zones Improved...

Latest reviews

I believe that this plugin is great, however I just dont understand how to use it. Im trying to set up a safe zone for people to be able to spawn in, but I have no idea what commands to use or if this has to be done via a config file or what. I cant find any info on how to actually set things up on a new server. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
Love this API, has made events so much easier to organise. Is there a way to assign spawn points to specific zones?
10/10 Got it working exactly how i wanted
Works as described. Also, not sure who says it does not work on Genesis, but it's been working for me since day 1.
Still can't be used in Genesis DLC
On my PvE server, the safezone removes damage from and to wild dino's. Can this be disabled please, or a toggle to turn it on and off. I don't want wild dino damage off. Until then... This feature makes it almost useless for me..
This API is nice but could use a couple improvements, I set this up as a place for my server admins to live but there were a few issues.

-Setting PvE also means that you can not tame dinos in the bubble
- It would be nice if allowing entering and leaving the area could be tied to a group permission.

Otherwise this API works nicely.
Very nice and useful!

It however seems to not properly detect or at least notify you are entering / leaving a zone if you are mounted, only if you are not riding a dino.

This can be seen as you receive the entering/leaving message while in the zone when you mount/dismount.

Otherwise seems to work fine and allows one to set up several zones for all different purposes, thank you!
I've tried using this plugin multiple times. How do I use this?!
Perfect! ;)