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- Fixed DefaultTimer issue
- Reworked auth. Now it safer
- Added permissions to actions
- Fixed resource counting after transfer
- Updated "Ride" actions

Now player need to move on dino in range: X: >300, Y:>300, Z:>100
- Improved RPS data stable

- Reworked auth-system. To use this, please, pm me with information about your server ip's

- Added "Tame" actions
It works every time, when player tamed a dino.
Multiplier: Imprint Quality for dino.
If player have skill with multiplier = 0.1, he will tame dino with 10% imprint

- Added commands (Console/Rcon)

rps.setxp <steamid> <skillname> <experience> - Set player's skill experience
rps.changexp <steamid> <skillname> <experience> - Change player's skill experience (100/-100)
rps.resetskills <steamid> - Reset player skills
rps.resetallskills <steamid> - Reset all players skills
Added Ride, Kill actions.
Full information you can find on plugin page
Removed logs