Remove Personal Ownership

Remove Personal Ownership 1.1

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All Creds to @Michidu who created the plugin initially.
Remove Personal Ownership

I have just added the "RemoveAllOwnership"
I was feeling it could be to good use on Modded NPC's on ARK and other things as well.

Console Commands:
  • RemoveOwnershipRadius <Radius> - Remove personal ownership of all structures in the set radius.
  • RemoveOwnership - Remove personal ownership of the current structure you are looking at.
  • RemoveAllOwnership - Remove personal ownership & Tribe of the current structure you are looking at.
    (Note it removes ownership on all linking structure as well)
To Load/Unload:
  • cheat plugins.load PersonalOwnership
  • cheat plugins.unload PersonalOwnership
  • No config needed!

Example with the "RemoveAllOwnership" command

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Latest updates

  1. 1.1

    Compiled with API Version 3.1 Added RemoveAllOwnership console command

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Good Plugin to fix one of the big problems.

This solves some important issues with existing commands. I would recommend this to admins.