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Raid Balancer!

- Increases turret damage when big tribes attacks small tribes!
- Stops all the complaints you get because of these situations !

  • Stops/deters big tribes attacking smaller tribes by increasing turret damage.
  • Increases turret damage of defenders based on amount of attackers vs defenders.
  • Big tribes can still attack smaller tribes without damage increase, if they fight with same amount of people.
  • Will send message to attacking players if turret damage is increased. And tell them how many players they are fighting.
  • Keeps track of defenders and attackers. And updates as it changes.
  • While a battle is ongoing, amount of defenders used in calculation cannot be lowered, only increased by players logging on or allies showing up.
  • After X minutes without pvp (set in config), the amount of people online in defender tribe will be re-read and possibly lowered.
  • Allies on both sides are taken into consideration.
  • Supports reloading config while running.
  • Fully configurable
Example scenario: Adjustment Multiplier = 1.0
Tribe A = 2 people
Tribe B = 4 people
Tribe B attacks tribe A with 4 people. Tribe A gets 200% turret damage.
Tribe B moves 1 person away, so it's 3 vs 2 people. Turret damage = 150% damage
Tribe B moves another person, it becomes 2vs2. Turret damage changes to 100%.

Example scenario 2:
Adjustment Multiplier = 0.5
Tribe A = 2 people
Tribe B = 4 people
Tribe B attacks tribe A with 4 people. Tribe A gets 150% turret damage.
Tribe B moves 1 person away, so it's 3 vs 2. Turret damage = 125% damage
Tribe B moves another person, it becomes 2 vs 2. Turret damage changes to 100%.

Config File with explanations:
    "Range_To_Count_Attackers": 25000,     //Range in Unreal Units to search for allies and attackers.
    "Attacker_List_Update_Interval": 15,     // How often the count of attackers will update.
    "Adjustment_Multiplier":  1.0,              // Adjusts how much turret damage will be added
    "Minutes_Without_PvP_To_Reset_Defender_Count": 30,  // Time without pvp to reset Defender count (prevents battlelog)
    "Messages": {
        "Increased_Turret_Damage_Warning": {
            "Text": "\n\nYou are receiving {0}% turret damage:\nBecause you are fighting {1} vs {2}",
            "Size": 3.0,
            "Display_Time": 8,
            "Interval_Seconds": 60,
            "Color": {
                "Red": 255,
                "Green": 0,
                "Blue": 0

Console Commands:
  • cheat RB.reload - reloads config

RCON Commands:
  • RB.reload - reloads config

Purchase Info:

After payment join my Discord via "Get Support" button (top right), and send me your hwid. The plugin will print it in console when not authorized.

Please give me at least 1-24 hours to setup hwid info. No new DLL is needed.

This purchase comes with basic support if needed.

Hwid Info:

- Each license represents a physical machine, so 6 ark servers running on one machine would only need 1 licence, Additional licensee's are required when using multiple physical servers.

- Are you moving server host/upgrading hardware and worried about the hwid? Not a problem send me a pm, here or on discord, with the new hwid and I will have it updated. In most cases within the hour, but it can take up to 24 hours depending upon my availability at that moment.

For questions or more information join my Discord via this link:

(This is a temporary link, and unless assigned a role, you automatically leave server when you go offline on discord.)
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Latest updates

  1. 1.0.4

    - Added ability for it to work only on turrets inside MAGA ORP location
  2. 1.0.3

    - Improved detection of players - Fixed crash scenario

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