PVP Scheduler

PVP Scheduler 1.8

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So far it seems to work great! I was looking for this exact functionality, so thank you for making this. PVE mode leaves a lot to be desired since the turrets get shut off, this solution is AWESOME by comparison!
Hello, I am very excited about this plugin! However, it has been noticed that it is not possible to make the Elementveins on extinction during the time of the structure protection, is there a solution?
Turrets are shooting everytime and in pve mode they can easily sponge your bullets because they are protected and invincible when pvp is off. auto turrets had to be blind to enemy targets except wilds when pvp is off and explosive planting had to be prevented too, allowing placing but disallowing exploding is not a true solution in pvp mode off.
did it have any setting for able to tribe member PVP and non tribe member PVE ?
1 - add a ban on the taking players Dino....
2 - need...
"Allow_PVP_Turrets_To_Shoot_PVE": false, // allows pvp turrets to shoot PVE "Allow_PVE_Turrets_To_Shoot_Players": false, // Allows pve turrets to shoot players.
3 - and bug C4 explosion after pve
Works perfectly :) Thanks
Thank you for the continued support. I use this on my server and it is Amazing!! I wonder if there is a way for PVP OFF to have turrets and plant species not attack players from other tribes?
Wild dinosaurs can't be attacked in PVE! This is a fatal defect!
It works reverse.
If disable pvp, can damage.
If enable pvp, can not damage. Also to wild dino. It's too bad.
if server is in pvpve you cant attack wild dinos o0
This tool not work.
A++ wicked!