PVP-Protection (DISABLED)

PVP-Protection (DISABLED) 1.0

No permission to buy ($25.00)
I bought it but i can't download it how can i do?
I try to join to ARK: DEV comunity and i can't why?
Amazing plugin and the developer is very helpful and responsive on pm's! This plugin makes the PvP-PvE scene really helpful for a server.
For those who bought and can't download, do the following:
1-right click where it says download.
2-Lower where it says to inspect.
3-search <a href = "/ resources / 51", it will come out with more blue letters, right click and it will open in a new table.
4. The file will download automatically.
any questions [email protected]
I bought it but i can't download it how can i do?
I bought it but i can't download it how can i do?
I paid for this and I can't access the download
works perfect :)
Plugin is great, the only issue I had and this very possibly has been fixed was that herbivorous if you where under PVP Protection you could walk up and punch out and keep punching them to keep them knocked out without lowering effectiveness. My community opted to stop using this plugin for a few seasons so I am not completely up to date but it is a great plugin. Keep it up.
If you create a tribe, the pve mode disappears. If you leave a tribe, the pve mode disappears. The PVE mode is not secure, there are many ways to exit pve mode, and there is no option to return to that mode unless the administrator returns it to you.
You using old version, you know? Updates in our discord
This plugins is awesome we are now more than 20 server using it, nice dev an always fast to fix problems, if you have any problem send me a private message or to the dev and we will be more than happy to help you
Don't waste your time or money. I purchased this 11/21 and have yet to receive a working copy. I have emailed multiple times with no response. NPP is awesome; I went with that.
I sent you discord invite, just join and download your version.
Awesome work! working great on a clustered server! Make the PvE & PvP servers a reality!
Awesome plugin! Great functions, highly recommend this!
Great plugin, highly recommended!
Extremely well-designed plugin, splendid functions, Highly recommend.