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Plugin Crash Manager [Ark] 1.1

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Plugin will automatically restart your server when it crashed. It will also attempt to save the world after the crash (no rollbacks anymore).

Make sure you do a regular backups if you want to use save world function.

  "SaveWorld":true, // Save world after crash (experimental)
  "ShouldRestart":true // Automatic server restart
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3.27 star(s) 11 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. 1.1

    Added ShouldRestart option Fixed the issue when crash logs weren't being written

Latest reviews

It does not generate crash logs.
This plugin is obsolete and it does not work what is should be.
This plug-in worked very well initially.
Recently, it will still restart the server during an error, but it will still roll-back or clear the map.
Had to remove it due to this issue, but would really like to put it back once the issue has been resolved.
I installed this plugin on my servers and unfortunately it just does not work, it does not save and restart the servers in the event of a crash.
it's a shame because it seemed very interesting to me
I installed it, and over the week my server had two crashes, i'm using ASM and whenever it crashes it puts the server in Initializing wich means the server is starting up, but it does not get past that , it just stays like that and doesn't even open up the server window it just says it's starting up but actually it is not, so this plugin does NOT WORK ( wich is really sad cause this seemed to be the only crash manager plugin out there )
anyway i can confirm this is working? i exited it but it doesnt reboot but i know thats not same as a crash?? just want to confirm its working
Has been working every time, saves alot os hassle
Super plugin, leider beendet es den Prozess nicht richtig kommt immer der Fehler (ShooterGame funktioniert nicht mehr)

Irgend eine Idee, wie ich das lösen kann? denke es liegt am System und nicht am Plugin.
Super Plugin :)