Players Online List

Players Online List 1.0

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All Creds to OwnProx I just merged it to Atlas.
Players Online List

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  • Atlas 5x5 (with redis database)
  • Atlas Blackwood (without redis database)
  • Hot load and unload

  • Lists all players character names in chat box that are online
  • Configurable messages
  • Customise colours

  • /players - List all players names who are online
  • /steamids - Lists player names with steam id's in brackets
  • /playerids - Lists player names with player id's in brackets
  • /tribeids - Lists player names with tribe names & tribe id's in brackets


StaffOnly - if true only staff can use /players command (all other commands are staff only)

Donate (OwnProx)
Any donation is much appreciated and very helpful towards the upkeep/creation of the plugins i provide, Plugins take time to create some hours some days and I keep 99% of them open source for others to learn from.

Donate (Foppa)
If you feel like donating me for the time I put into this plugin, it's always appreciated :)
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