Player Activity

Player Activity
This plugin's main purpose is to gather information and post information about who joins/transfer and leaves the server. Very helpful for when you need information on who was online during a certain time or how long that player was online, or when it was the last time it was online.

The plugin offers currently two options "Simple" where it only posts everything to discord or "Advanced" where it posts to discord and as well stores information in a database in two tables, the last activity table and a complete log of the full history of each players activity!

  • API Version 3.53
  • Discord (Optional)
  • MySQL or MariaDB (Recommending MariaDB) (Optional)
Keep track of players Joining, Leaving, Transferring to and from servers, Character creation, leaving spawn screen, and attempted joins by banned players. (More features to be added)
Logs the following player information to discord and/or MySQL server on every log:
  • Player Steam Name | Epic Name
  • Player Steam ID | Epic ID
  • Player Character Name & ID
  • Player Tribe Name & ID
  • Map (And Custom Map Name)
  • Timestamp (Both real-time and in-game)
  • Online Duration logging (Posts result on left events)
  • Supporting Unicode
Extra Optional Logging:
  • Server FPS
  • Player IP address*
  • Player position (When leaving or transferring out(Perfect for characters that crash and don't know where or why))

    * For legal reasons please check the laws surrounding the use of public IP in your country, APS will not be held liable for any damage, loss, or other cost caused due to laws regarding public IP
Discord Logging Options:
  • Global Logging (Discord) - All logs go to 1 webhook
  • Online Activity - Can be in its own channel
    • Login
    • Logout
    • Left Spawn Screen
    • Create Character
    • Overwrite Character
  • Transfer Activity - Can be in its own channel
    • Transferred into server
    • Transferred out of server
  • Server Activity - Can be in its own channel
    • Server Kick (logs when banned players try to connect)
Commands (RCON)
  • pa.reload - Reloads the config
  "LicenseKey": "",
  "Global": {
    "ClusterName": "My Cluster",
    "Options": {
      "FPS": true,
      "IP": true,
      "Position": true
    "MySQL": {
      "Enable": true,
      "Host": "localhost",
      "Username": "arkapi",
      "Password": "api_pass",
      "Database": "player_activity",
      "Table": "players"
    "Discord": {
      "Enable": true,
      "MultiLine": true,
      "SenderName": "Player Activity",
      "URL": ""
    "DiscordOptions": {
      "OnlineActivity": {
        "URL": "",
        "Login": true,
        "Logout": true,
        "LeftSpawnScreen": true,
        "CreatedCharacter": true,
        "OverwriteCharacter": true
      "TransferActivity": {
        "URL": "",
        "TransferIn": true,
        "TransferOut": true
      "ServerActivity": {
        "URL": "",
        "ServerKick": true
  "LicenseKey": "", \\ Please log a ticket in discord and have your HWID ready
  "Global": {
    "ClusterName": "PvP Cluster", \\ Your cluster name
    "CustomMapName": "The Island 2", \\ Set this if you have more than 1 of the same map or would like your Log to show another name for the map
    "Options": {
      "FPS": true, \\ Will log server frames of all activities
      "IP": false, \\ Please check with your country's laws. This will log the IP the user is joining from
      "Position": true will log location on all events long lat x y z
    "MySQL": {
      "Enable": true,
      "Host": "localhost",
      "Username": "arkapi",
      "Password": "api_pass",
      "Database": "player_activity",\\ set the database name you will use
      "Table": "players" \\ If you use an already existing database that has a table called players change this
    "Discord": {
      "Enable": true, \\ false to disable discord logging
      "MultiLine": true, \\ false for a single line message to discord, true to embed the message so it looks nice
      "SenderName": "Player Activity", \\ you can change this to the name the bot will show when a message is sent to discord
      "URL": "" \\ use this to send all logs to the same channel, or use options below under discord options
    "DiscordOptions": {
      "OnlineActivity": {
        "URL": "", \\webhook for discord channel where logins and logouts will be logged
        "Login": true, \\ set false to ignore
        "Logout": true \\ set false to ignore
        "LeftSpawnScreen": true, \\ set false to ignore
        "CreatedCharacter": true, \\ set false to ignore
        "OverwriteCharacter": true \\ set false to ignore
      "TransferActivity": {
        "URL": "", \\webhook for discord channel where server transfers will be logged
        "TransferIn": true, \\ set false to ignore
        "TransferOut": true \\ set false to ignore
      "ServerActivity": {
        "URL": "", \\webhook for discord channel where Kick logs (Login attempts by banned members) will be logged
        "ServerKick": true \\ set false to ignore
Direct Join:

Transfer Join:

New Player Join:


Normal Logout:

Unicode Support:

One license is limited to a single physical server, so multiple ark servers running on the same machine (HWID) would only need 1 license.

To purchase please send money on PayPal to
Then message Foppa on discord with your HWID (should be printed when you load the plugin)
I will give you a LicenseKey to put into your config,
then you can simply use the rcon command pa.reload
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