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Perfect Item Spawner 2.63

- API 3.51+ compliant
- Fixes item amount when spawning multiple items in one command
- Made it possible to spawn dinos when stats does not match level (only when there's more stats left) Plugin will then assign missing stats based on config weight settings..
- Fixed sometimes spawning live dino instead of egg.
- Added command: woolycryo same arguments as woolydino, but spawns dino in cryopod.
- Added command: woolyegg same arguments as woolydino, but spawns fertilized egg!! (You cannot neuter this way for now..)
- Fixed grinder crash when using cap.
- Added item clamps, global % and per blueprint overrides.
- Fixes the quality tier for all items. (Will take item clamps by plugin into consideration)
- Ability to gradually increase the item cap over time. Automatic since wipe, will reach configured cap at set timespan in config.
- Added ability to spawn female/male dino
- Requires updating the dino spawn command with new argument
- Added ability to spawn dinos with customized base stats and imprinted to the player it's used on.
- Fixed sometimes crashing on startup auth.