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[Paid] Anti Raid Off (offline protection) plugin 1.0

!! IMPORTANT : In order to get this plugin to work, you'll need to have two things:
- an internet accessible server (not mandatory to be the one your Atlas game servers are running on)
- an access your Atlas servers redis database

The plugin comes in two parts: the server plugin, and a Python script.
It will work for servers splitted on multiple dedicated servers

Everything you need to know is in the .zip file you'll download, there is a very explicit .txt file, EVERY installation step is well described and has been reviewed by non-technician people.

# How does it work
## What does it actually do ?
This plugin prevents damage done to all ships and structures pertaining to tribes (so no untribed players protection).
It works by gathering on every server the amount of connected players per tribe, then does a sum of all of this, and then every server will come to it.

## Aditionnal features to be aware of
The plugin embeds two important features:
- one is the time of non-protection of one tribe's goods after the last member disconnect, it permits preventing people disconnecting just before a raid to prevent it completelly
- another is the time of protection of one tribe's goods after the first member connects, it permits preventing people from being raided 10 seconds after their login

## Ok but how does it work exactly ?
The python api connects to every server listed in its config file every 10 seconds, and ask them "How many players do you have connected per tribe right now".
The python api stores these datas locally and exposes it through an embeded web server.
Each server having the plugin installed on it will query the python api every 20 seconds to ask it how many people are ACTUALLY connected per tribe, all servers combined.

I engage to answer any question that will be posted in this thread during the whole month of March within 24 hours (past this delay, consider I'm dead...)
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Very professional, easy to use and very efficient. I recommend this plug-in.