Offline Raid Protection + Auto Decay (DISABLED)

Offline Raid Protection + Auto Decay (DISABLED) 1.0

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- Add protection for tribe, when tribe members is offline
- Configurable:
Character resistance/damage,
Structure resistance/Damage,
Wild dinos damage
Passive dinos can take no damage
Up/Down delays (minutes)
Penalty if tribe was raided
Penalty if tribe have online alliance

AutoDecay: if tribe if offline some time, tribe structures can be destroyed, tribe dinos can be unclaimed/destroyed
Info command: /orpcheck
Gives to player current information about orp settings, and his orp status.
"Chat": /orpcheck
"Chat": /orpreload - reload config
        "DBPath":"", //Database Path
        "CanCarryProtected":false, //Prohibit grab
        "ProtectedCharacterResistance":0.25, //Formula: Incoming Damage * {0.25}
        "ProtectedCharacterDamage":4, //Formula: Outcoming Damage * {4}
        "WildDinoDamage":0.01, // Outcoming damage from Wild Dinos

        "UP_Delay":1, //Delay for protection, when last player of tribe is log out
        //Time in MINUTES
        "Down_Delay":1, //Delay for remove protetion, when player of tribe is log in
        //Time in MINUTES
        "AllianceDelayPenalty":30, //Additional delay for UP, if member of alliance is online
        "RaidDelayPenalty":30, //Additional delay for UP, if tribe structure was raided "MaxRaidTimeForPenatly" seconds ago
        "ProtectTime":48, // Maximum ORP time

        "AutoDecay":96, //If tribe is offline more than 96 hours ->
        //Time in HOURS
        "DecayDino":false, //Destroy tribe dinos
        "UnclaimDino":true, //Unclaim tribe dinos
        "DecayStructures":true, //Destroy tribe structures


        "Attack_if_target_protected":"You trying attack protected character. Protection will down auto after {}h.",
        "Attack_protected_structure":"You trying attack protected structure",
        "ProtectDown":"Offline Raid Protection - disabled",

        "CheckCommand":"/orpcheck", //Command with information about orp. Info lines below
        "ORPStatus":"ORP: {}\n",
        "UPDelay":"UP Delay: {} minutes\n",
        "DownDelay":"Down Delay: {} minutes\n",
        "AlliancePenalty":"Alliance Penalty: {} | Penalty: {} minutes\n",
        "RaidPenalty":"Raid Penalty: {} | Penalty: {} minutes\n",
        "RaidDelay":"If your structure was destroyed {} seconds ago, you will get Raid Penalty for {} minutes\n"
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Latest updates

  1. New Web Requests

    - Fixed DefaultTimer issue - Reworked auth. Now it safer
  2. Improvements

    - Fixed incorrect time showing when Resistance is 0 - Fixed issue when dino decay doesnt work...
  3. Some new stuff :)

    Now items from passive dino inventory can be droped, if he is orp protected...

Latest reviews

Excellent plugin thank you very much.
Works as expected with beautiful configuration settings.
+1 as well because of the amazing discord support.
Really good orp with a lot of possibilites
Was tested and approuved on Maticha server
A lot of option and an autodecay as a bonus
The dev is doing a grat work