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No More Undermeshing 1.3.6

- Made all teleporters safe to have on platform saddles. Meshing this way will now cause instant detection.
- Fixed some caves being unable to be built in after adding ark's default structure collision check
Added some requested features:
- Added so turrets cannot be meshed. Acts as if Structure Placement Collision is on.
- Added config option to block all structures from being placed in water. Requires new config option (default off)
- Enables the ARK default structure placement check for beds/teleporters. For these items it will still look green, but under the hood, it'll run the same checks as if Structure Placement Collision is ENABLED + my custom double checks!
- Improved things yet again
- Fixed rare crash when dinosaur died in microsecond check is ran on it.
- Greatly improved cave algorithm
Many locations added.