New Player Protection

New Player Protection 2.1

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Change Notes:

- Fixed Permissions Hanging (Removed API timers)
- Fixed Negative NPP time from AddProtection command when number was negative.
- Removed Permissions Caching logic (built in to Permissions now)
- Added TONS of Logs for debugging
- Cleaned up old code

To Upgrade:
- copy ALL files except config.json
- To upgrade from 1.9, copy ALL files except config.json

Change Notes for V1.91:

- Fixed excessive calls to permissions plugin/database. Should fix max ping issues
  • Fixed steam id issue: may require DB deletion since DB steam ids may be fubarred
  • Fixed bug where unmounted dinos could damage NPP structures
** Requires upgrade to latest ArkAPI Version 3.4 (the latest 3.4 uploaded) and Permissions 1.6
  • Added new config option to enable debugging info in the console (EnableDebugging)
  • Added new message for admins when doing !npp status command on an admin only tribe
  • Fixed c4 Lag
    • Added a Permission group cache for the NPPAdmin group
    • Added a cache of currently protected tribes (Checks all tribes vs all players on damage now)
  • Fixed !npp disable command crash
  • Updated to ARK API V3.2
  • Fixed bug where multiple pve tribes removed in a short time would only remove 1
  • Fixed a sneaky debug line
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Change Notes for V1.81:

- Fixed crash that occurred when sometimes checking a dino's name for allowing corrupted dino damage
TONS of changes coming at you hot! Be sure to join the discord listed in the overview for any questions as this version of NPP is completely different and incompatible with V1.62.

Change Notes:

  • Added tons of new config messages
  • Added config option to toggle NPP ignoring admins
  • Added PVE tribes
    • Added and removed by admins
    • Same behavior as NPP
    • Tracked by tribe ids, not players
    • PVE tribes have infinite NPP unless turned off by an admin
    • Console and Rcon command: "NPP.SetPVE <tribe id> <bool (1 to set, 0 to unset)>"
    • New db table for tracking PVE_Tribes
  • Misc optimizations to decrease server lag
  • Removed the NPP.ResetStructures command
  • Added console and rcon commands to add protection based on specified hours
    • "NPP.AddProtection <tribe id> <hours>"
  • Renamed a command: "NPP.ResetProtectionDays" to "NPP.ResetProtection"
  • Added new columns to Players table in db to track last login date
  • Changed time format for start date in players table
  • Added chat command to check tribe id while facing a structure "!npp tribeid"
  • Added NPPPlayerDecayInHours option. This is the amount of hours a player has to be logged off before NPP ignores them, resetting their protection if they log back in.
    • Recommended setting is whatever your server's default metal structure decay is .
  • - Added logging for the following events
    • Update interval/protection update
    • Manual protection changes via, chat command, console, and rcon
    • db loads and saves.
    • Some Protected Unprotected structure damage events.
  • Updated some error messages.
  • Database operations optimizations.
    • set db to WAL mode.
    • made sql updates batch as transactions.
    • added an optimize command after updates.
  • Fixed issue where players couldn't damage their own structures (Thought this was a thing since the first release >.<)
  • Added custom admin NPP Permissions group that can be configured via config.
  • Added ability for admins to check any tribes npp status that they join while being ignored.
  • Added structure exemption config option
  • Added new path command to get structure paths for exemption list (!npp path)
  • Added config to ignore wild and corrupt dino damage

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Change Notes:
  • Fixed crash where the server tried to speak with wild dinos
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Change Notes:
  • Reverted fix that caused crash
Change Notes for V1.6:
  • Fixed crash related to latest Ark Update
  • Fixed exploit with C4