New Player Protection

New Player Protection 1.91

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Amazing plugin only thing is im having issues with some tribe ids being "invalid" even though the id is perfectly valid and it works for most tribes and if the cooldown has already run out and i wan't to add a custom amount instead of just resetting it and i use "add" it goes to -10 hours anyone know how to fix those 2 things? if it made any sense
With the last version, all ping issues are fixed, nice plugin and nice devs
After this update and maintenance, put the plug-in in. After startup, the server will delay 255 directly. I don't know what happened
Excellet plugin, saved me many times, great dev!
Excellent work. I wish there were more people like you, developing more accessories for Ark
FIX C4 Tank turre :((
Please submit a bug report in the Discord if you think you have a bug.
Works great! The ping spike is to be expected when the plugin is running its timed checks, it works, and works very well. Thanks for the update! It is very much appreciated!
like it
How to solve C4 problem
Should be resolved in 1.87
Clearly people can't read and don't make any effort to get support.

The !npp disable bug has been addressed, discussed, with some working fixes posted in the support discord.

The C4 lag was also addressed. Sucks that lazy people give bad ratings.
Great plugin, easy to use, easy to configure, Perfect for my hybrid PvE/PvP server.
Great plugin! But there is a small problem: the player tribe is in the protection period C4
Explosives will also be protected
Great plugin got it working and since then doing well!
Its working on structure.. but not on player.. can you help me if i am doing anything wrong.. i did not edit any thing juts used it as it is..
Npp only works on structures.
Is Chinese not allowed in config?
NPP and its config supports UTF-8. Make sure your config is encoded for UTF-8.
Terrific API, most definitely worth the 10$. Works great and we've had no issues whatsoever with it.
Awesome dev. The plugin works fine, there are some features I think should be added, and the dev is open to new ideas!
Awesome plugin with a lot of support and an amazing dev. 10 stars!
Opted for this plugin even for the $10 price tag and it clearly shows by what you get compared to other similar plugins that I have bad experiences with.

I added this plugin to my cluster mid-season and it works like a dream. After its ran its first check on all players it updated all those tribes who needed protection and those who didnt without any faults. With previous starter protect plugins ive used the problem occurs when 2 players create a tribe and the calculation on protection time remaining becomes unsynced. Here, this is not an issue. (My servers run protection for 3 days or until character level 75.)

There has not been a single circumstance where I've had issues with this plugin thus far.

The developer is clearly passionate about this plugin reaching its potential, and with a dedicated discord with active developers willing to help if there are questions or issues and frequent updates, dont look any further.

I would recommend this Starter Protection plugin over any other and it is well worth the $10.