Name Control+
Changed how messages are loaded from the config.json to prevent crashing.
Updated some auth related code.

(no config changes)
Fixed issue with blocking/renaming tribe name at time of creation.
Added admin ignore list

(config changes required)

Added structure name blocking.
Added ability to block content in notes and length of text in notes. (Will prevent players creating note items that cause lag because the text must be sent to each player viewing the note)
Note: When dropping or transferring the Note item from the players inventory that created it the rules will apply the restrictions Food recipe's are now included in the note changes.

(Config changes are required to several areas update carefully)
Minor stability change
Compatibility changes were needed to work with my Atlas release.
Updated to use the new license auth system. (You will need to obtain your AccountKey from the @LethalBot using !license list and update your config with it.
Fixed issue trying to access MySQL to update player name list when MySQL was not enabled.
Small fix to prevent possible loading issue.