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Max Imprint 1.1

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Simple plugin to use a chat command to set a dino's imprint to 100%.
  • Can be customized to only allow a specific group to imprint.
  • Can only be used on owned dinos.
  • Can be customized to use on only owned, baby dinos.
  • Admins can use on ANY dino.
  • Admins are in the Permissions group "Admins" and the permissions groups are updated every 30 seconds.
  • Imprint command is customizable.
For help with setting up permissions, refer to the Permission plugin documentation.

To install: Copy all files to the plugins folder.

* Requires ArkAPI 3.52 and Permission 1.8

Discord is used for support:


"General": {
"RequireGroupToImprint": false,
"AllowedGroup": "MaxImprintAllowed",
"AllowAdultImprinting": false,
"ImprintCommand": "/imprint"
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  1. [UPDATE:] Max Imprint V1.1

    Update to ARKAPI 3.52 Added the following configuration options: RequireGroupToImprint...

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very nice plugin! Then, can you add we can change "/imprint" any other word?
The plugin works like a charm. The developer is humble and considerate. I wish you all the best ever! You deserve so much! Thank you.