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Make Ark Great Again 2.22

- Fixed crash on GetPlayerCharacter()
- Updated to API 3.52
- Added ability to block any class (not just dino..) from being affected by the Net Gun. Does not block wild dinos.
- Improvements to mod structure reliability.
- Added buff that makes pvp cooldown visible:
- Added ability to block Tek Bow from damaging structures.
- Added ability to block the tek dolphin thing from damaging player structures.
- Added ability to block any class (not just dino..) from being affected by the Net Gun. Does not block wild dinos.
2.1.8 -01/07/2021
- Made autofarm go by real time milliseconds instead of going by server fps.
- Added online tribe members limit for autofarm to work.
- Added message when broadcast turret is blocked.

2.1.7 -12/19/2020
- Made /farm work with tek skiff
- Optional Config to disable tek skiff from /farm
- Made better algorithm for when to stop auto farming using average weight increase per harvest.

2.1.6 -12/18/2020
- Added ability to block the new menu option on turrets to broadcast turret settings to other turrets, when on cd.
- Added ability to choose attack type when auto farming... /farm <attackindex>

2.1.5 -12/18/2020
- Added ability to auto farm using /farm chat command. Carry a dino and farm solo... It will make the dino carried hit without having a rider. Can require permission.
- Will automatically stop farming before you're slowed down by weight.
- Toggles on and off.. Will automatically start farming when you pickup a dino. stops when you drop, and starts when you pickup again without need to toggle command.
- New chat command: /farm

2.1.3 -12/11/2020
- Added ability to block placing ORP in caves.
- Added ability to block placing any structures in caves.

2.1.2 -10/30/2020
- Added /showorp command to show your orp locations.
- Fixed S+/SS weapons not being holstered when you get PVP cd and have weapon up. It will work on any weapon again, as before the S+ update that broke it.

2.1.1 -09/03/2020
- Added handling for the new mod functions etc

2.1 -07/11/2020
- Did some performance optimizations on ORP related stuff. Especially turrets.
- Made the ORP structure properly respect hiding the shield. Will now also hide it on server startup.
- Added ability to change HP of the ORP Structure
MAGA 2.0.7
- Fixed Remove_ORP_Locations_Without_A_ORP-Structure being run when "Use_Maga_Structure_Mod" = false The setting will no longer matter, when ORP mod is not used.

MAGA 2.0.6
- Added some new options to configure how Transmitter behaves on PVP cd..

MAGA 2.0.3
- Fixed ORP location not being removed when using demo gun to pickup the ORP structure

MAGA 2.0.2
- Made it so that ORP log is only used when team actually has ORP.
- Made ORP turret damage able to increase gradually over time. (when using: TimeInMinutesToFullyActivateORP)
- Made Infinite Bullets only turn on when TimeInMinutesToFullyActivateORP is complete, and ORP is fully charged.
- If using TimeInMinutesToFullyActivateORP, it will on full activation choose: "ORP_TURRET_DAMAGE_MULTIPLIER_FULLY_ACTIVE" for turret damage multiplier. Making it possible to increase damage over time... But when structures are 100% protected, turn down turret damage again, and put on infinite bullets.

MAGA 2.0
- Added visual ORP structure (optional)
- ORP structure shield is turned on and off with MAGA ORP activating/deactivating.
- Mod Shield can be visually hidden.
- ORP mod structure shows visual timer corresponding with MAGA ORP activation time. (All actual ORP protection is not changed and still done by plugin only)
- Added ORP log webhook that logs last player logout of a tribe.
- Fixed apply cd on structures giving cd to admins and from wild dinos
- Added ability to save timestamps of online tribes upon a crash. The ORP will start counting for activation as the server then is up again...

MAGA 1.5.0
- Added new feature that enables slowly powering up the ORP.
TimeInMinutesToFullyActivateORP": 0
Explanation: If new value is set to 10 minutes and structure dmg multiplier is 0.0:
- 1 minute after activation structure damage multiplier would be 0.9
-2 minutes after activation structure damage multiplier would be 0.8
-5 minutes after activation structure damage multiplier would be 0.5
-10 minutes after activation structure damage multiplier would be maxed out at 0.0
- Fixed crash after Genesis release.
- Rebuilt timestamp function from scratch. Fixes things like the extremely long cd for spam protection bug.
- Fixed /setorp <id> <Name> not removing database insert, so that next time servers reload they'll still have the old ORP.
- Fixed /orp command crash when character doesn't exist, thanks to @Hamilton
- Fixed popcorn protection protecting the equipped items like armor, weapons etc.
- Fixed reloading config via RCON - Fixed bags and own structures causing cd when demolished/picked up when using Structures_Only_Give_CD_Upon_Destroyed = true.

- Added ability for different range of PVP cd and raid cd.
- Added ability for PvP cooldown to block usage any structures set in config.
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- Made the PVP cooldown range based.
- Made separate ORP cooldown so that one can still benefit from the longer activation time of ORP.
- Added so that when PVP cooldown is 0 it will not show message.
- Added ability to always block uploading a Titan to obelix/transmitter.
- Blocking of uploading all dino uploads while on cooldown.
- Optional blocking of uploading items while on cooldown (will make client wait 1 min until timeout if enabled)
- Fixed infinite bullets when ORP is set to location based
Too many changes since last update here.
Main one being Range based ORP.
Fixed: "TurretsGiveRaidCDTime": true,
so it applies properly.

  • Ability to adjust turret damage when ORP active.
  • Ability to always block dropping of blueprints while active pvp cd.
  • Ability to block placing new structures while active pvp cd.
  • Now displays message when attacking ORP protected /structure dino. Including % damage taken.
  • Performance tweak.

Requires config updates. .rar includes updated configs.