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Make Ark Great Again 2.22

Nicely done! Worth it
This plugin has eliminated Cheesing ORP on my unofficial cluster. When It breaks Wooly has helped me. I purchased this and I am very satisfied with the service. Don't hesitate if you can get some money from your servers players to help, it's worth it.
Awesome plugin! So many powerful options to help balance our modded PvP Server which wouldn't be possible otherwise. Keep up the awesome work Wooly!
nice job!
Best ark plugin out there. Must have on any pvp server
This plugin does a lot of essential stuff. Even for a pve server it's a necessity and I would recommend it to anyone.
Yesm yes and yes! This plugin is needed on every PVP server!
Developer si great person, i bought it, send him DM on discord and he answered INSTANTLY! I HAD IT REGISTERED WITHOUT WAITING! It's beautifull! Recommened plugin, recommended developer!
keep doing great work, Wooly.
Great plugin!
Plugin that every decent Ark server gotta get, makes the game so much better and ORP work much better than those buggy mods
Awesome ORP plugin and even has some nice QOL options. Only had it for a bit but has had zero issues and was really easy to set up.
Has had a lot of work and effort put into its creation and it really shows.
Support is also amazingly helpful, 1000/10 for support xD
Works great, responsive support.
The plugin functionality in-game is typically great, +4 stars when working. Communication and responsiveness from the seller has been extremely lacking. I've had this plugin for about half a year now and still have the same auth troubles as when I first got it. It apparently gets reset when the server restarts, which means everyone gets offline raided until wooly gets around to fix it. This plugin was still pretty new when I first got it so I didn't mind as much but 6 months later and the same problems have no resolution.
Plugin FEATURES- 4 stars. Communication and reliability- 1 star
This is very misleading as I was away for Christmas/new years, which I announced. Also the problem has been solved, and my responces are usually extremely fast.
Wooly is an awesome plugin developer that always delivers top notch content. He will go out of his way and support his releases one on one with you until you have it working. MAGA is no different, very robust and works as advertised.
11/10 developer!
makes having a PVP server possible again
Outstanding hard work was put into this plugin! Wooly is an outstanding guy who dedicated hard work on providing high-quality plugins and talents. Recommend this plugin to any serious servers out there!