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Make Ark Great Again 2.22

Introducing, MAGA: Make Ark Great Again!
- PvP Cooldown system, ORP +++
Made to balance/fix troubles you might have getting pvp perfectly balanced :)

  • Auto farming using /farm
  • PvP Cooldown System properly tracking pvp, with the ability to:
    • Add X seconds duration for player vs player, Y seconds for player vs structures.
    • Cooldown can be applied for the players involved on the whole map, or players involved in range of event. Range based, or map wide.
    • Block any dinosaur/item upload to transmitter/beacon.
    • Block any weapon from config list while active pvp cooldown.
    • Block any structure from config list from being picked up/demolished while pvp cooldown.
    • Block any chat /command from config list while on pvp cooldown.
    • Block players from "popcorning" by only allowing them to drop items each X seconds and a max stack size of Y. Can also block the ability to "drop all" inventory.
    • Block players broadcasting turret settings.
  • Offline Protection (ORP)
    • Protects structures and dinos while offline.
    • Activates after set minutes offline
    • Sets different amount of time to activate if player has recently been involved in pvp activity. (ORP pvp-cooldown)
    • Set max hours of protection.
    • Adjustable protection damage multiplier from 0% damage to 100% (and more if you'd wish)
    • Ability to set different damage multiplier for dinos that aren't passive.
    • Passive dinos will not be counted as passive if they have inventory that is not food. Saddle is still ok.
    • Turret damage multiplier
    • Infinite bullets for turrets.
    • If slowly powering up ORP over time, infinite bullets will only activate on full charge.
    • Range based, or map wide.
    • Optional mod structure for use with it. Mod: 2031840245
    • Ability to slowly power up protection over time.
  • Suicide Command.
  • Ability to block Titan uploads (always)
  • Dino Stats command that can show player base stats of their dinosaur. Can also set the dinos name for you with the stats.
  • Chat Handling
    • Spam protection: Allow player to only speak in global chat once each set seconds.
    • Hides every /command from chat. It will never be shown to any player.
    • If a player write wrong chat command. The plugin will give the player working commands matching fewer letters.
  • Lots more, check config for all the options...
  • Everything is fully configurable!
Reload Config at runtime by writing in console: cheat maga.reload
Config File with explanations:
    "ChatCommands": {
        "ChatSpamProtMsgIntervalSecs": 5,    //Players can only speak in global chat once each second defined here.
        "HideIncorrectChatCommands": true,    //Hides non-working chat commands from players.
        "MsgChatMsgSpamProt": "You must wait {} seconds to write another chat message.",
        "MsgTryTheseCommands": "Try this instead:<RichColor Color=\"0, 1, 0, 1\">{}</>",
        "MsgWrongChatCommand": "The command <RichColor Color=\"1, 0, 0, 1\">'{}'</> doesn't exist on this server, and or has formatting errors.",
        "ValidChatCommands": [    //List of valid chat commands. All your servers chat commands must be in this list for them to properly work.
    "DinoStatsCommand": {
        "DinoStatRequiresPermission": false,    //If True, player needs permission "DinoStatsCommand" to use /dinostats command.
        "MsgFaceDinoInScreen": "Please face the middle of your screen towards the dino you want the base stats of.",
        "MsgNoDinoStatsPermission": "You don't have required permissions to use DinoStats command"
    "General": {
        "AlwaysBlockTitanTributeUpload": true,        // Always block titan upload to transmitter.
        "UseDisabledStructureDamageTypes": true,    //Enabling this will disable structure damage from the types defined bellow.
        "AlwaysDisabledStructureDamageTypes": [
            "Cannon_SM_C",                            //Disables cannon from damaging structures.
            "Mek_Character_BP_C"                    //Disables mek from damaging structures.
  "PvpCooldownOptions": {  
    "Use_Range_Based_CD": true,
    "PVP_CD_Range": 12500,
    "Raid_CD_Range": 25000,
    "AllyPlayerDamageGivesNoCoolDown": true,        //No cooldown for hitting allied players.
    "AllyStructureDamageGivesNoCoolDown": true,        //No cooldown for hitting allied structures.
    "Block_Structures_Use_On_CD": true,                //Block using of structures while on cooldown.  
    "BlockPlacingNewStructuresOnCD": true,            //Block placing of new structures while on cooldown.  
    "BlockPlacingNewStructuresOnCD_Ignore_List":[    // Ignore list for structure placing on cooldown.
    "BlockStructurePickupWhileOnCD": true,            //Block structures from pickup while cooldown active.
    "BlockedFromPickupStructures": [                // List of structures to block from pickup/demlish on cd.
        "S+ Wall",
        "S+ Large",
        "S+ XL"
    "Transmitter_On_Pvp_CD": {                        //Transmitter on CD options.
        "Block_Character_Upload": true,                // Block character upload.
        "Block_Character_Upload_Only_With_Inventory": true, //Allow character upload with no inventory.
        "Block_All_Dino_Uploads": true,                // blocks dino uploads on cd.
        "Block_Item_Uploads": true                    // blocks item uploads on cd.
    "DisableConfigWeaponListOnPvpCD": true,            // Disable defined weapon types when pvp cooldown active.
    "BlockedWhilePvpCdWeaponTypes": [                // List of weapon types to block while cooldown is active.
      "Awesome Teleporter Remote",
      "SS Demo Gun",
      "SS Transfer Gun",
      "SS Transfer Tool",
      "SS Repair Gun",
      "SS Turret Configurator",
      "SS Remote",
      "SS Personal Teleporter"
    "DisableCommandsOnPvpCooldown": true,    // Disable defined chat commands while on pvp
    "PvpDisabledCommands": [                // List of disabled chat commands while pvp cooldown is active.
    "useCDIgnoredStructuresDamageTypes": true,    // If you disable this, every damage event will trigger cooldown, even hitting structure with hands.
    "IgnoreUnclaimedPlayerDmg": true,            // When player attacked by tamed dinos that are unclaimed, ignore cooldown.
    "IgnoreUnclaimedStructureDmg": true,          // When structure attacked by tamed dinos that are unclaimed, ignore cooldown.
    "PreventPopCornWhileOnCD": true,            // Prevent players from popcorning while cooldown is active.
    "AllowedItemDropIntervalSec": 3,            // Only allow players to drop items this often. (seconds)
    "NoPopcornMsgIntervalSec": 2,                // How often to tell player they are blocked from dropping. (seconds)
    "PopCornMaxStackSize": 500,                    // Max stack size players can drop when pvp cooldown is active.
    "PopCorn_Prevent_BluePrint_Drop": true,        // Always blocks dropping blueprints while pvp cooldown is active.  
    "PopCornBlock_DROPALL": true,                // Block players from dropping all items while pvp cooldown is active.
    "MsgExceededPopCornMaxStackSize": "Max stacksize you can throw out is: {} during PvP cooldown.",
    "MsgPopCornDropAllNotAllowed": "You can not use Drop All during PvP cooldown, please wait {} seconds.",
    "MsgNoPopcorning": "No popcorn while on PvP CD! Wait {} seconds to drop another item.",
    "PvpCDAppliedMsgIntervalSec": 20,            // How often the player will get notification of pvp cooldown being applied.
    "PvpCooldownSeconds": 90,                    // Seconds of PvP cooldown to add. Player vs Player
    "RaidCooldownSeconds": 180,                    // Seconds of PvP cooldown to add. Player vs Structure
    "Structures_Only_Give_CD_Upon_Destroyed": false,    // Only apply cd when structure is destroyed.
    "TurretsGiveRaidCDTime": true,                // Turret damage applied Raid Cool Down seconds.
    "MsgChatCommandBlockedInPvp": "The command<RichColor Color=\"1, 0, 0, 1\">'{}'</> is pvp blocked. Remaining pvp cooldown:<RichColor Color=\"1, 0, 0, 1\"> {} Minutes {} Seconds.</>",
    "MsgChatCommandBlockedInPvpSecLeft": "The command<RichColor Color=\"1, 0, 0, 1\">'{}'</> is pvp blocked. Remaining pvp cooldown: <RichColor Color=\"1, 0, 0, 1\">Only {} Seconds left.</>",
    "MsgNoPickupWhileOnCD": "{} is blocked from pickup while on PvP cooldown",  
    "MsgPvpBlockedWeapon": "{} is blocked for another: {} Minutes {} Seconds",
    "MsgPvpBlockedWeaponSecOnly": "{} is blocked for another: {} Seconds",
    "MsgPvpCoolDownApplied": "{} minutes {} seconds of PvP cooldown applied.",
    "MsgPvpCoolDownAppliedMinOnly": "{} minutes of PvP cooldown applied.",
    "MsgPvpCoolDownAppliedSecOnly": "{} seconds of PvP cooldown applied."
    "SuicideCommand": {
        "CanSuicideWhileUnconscious": false,
        "CanSuicideWithHandCuffs": false,
        "MsgAlreadyDead": "You're already dead.",
        "MsgHandcuffs": "You can't suicide with Handcuffs on.",
        "MsgNoPermission": "You don't have required permissions to use Suicide command.",
        "MsgOnDino": "Please get off your dino to use Suicide.",
        "MsgSitting": "You can't use Suicide command while sitting.",
        "MsgUnconscious": "You can't use Suicide while unconscious.",
        "SuicideRequiresPermission": false                    // If True, player needs permission "CanSuicide" to use /suicide.
        "UseORP": true,
        "ORP_PVP_CoolDown_Minutes": 5,                        // Same as pvp cooldown, but mapwide and only for choosing ORP activation time.
        "TimeToActivateMinutes": 1,                            // Minutes after last player offline to activate ORP normally
        "TimeToActivateMinutesPvpCoolDown": 90,                // Minutes after last player offline to activate ORP when player logged out while in recent pvp. (combat logged)
        "TimeInMinutesToFullyActivateORP": 0,                // if value > 0, then ORP will slowly power up over time. Increasing protection and turret dmg.
        "MaxOrpDurationHours": 120,                            // Max hours ORP will last.
        "Disable_ORP_Dino_Carry": true,
        "ORP_Damage_Multiplier": 0.0,                        // Damage multiplier when ORP is active. 0.2 = 20% damage taken.        0 = 0% damage.
        "ORP_Damage_Multiplier_Passive_Dinos": 0.0,            // Damage multiplier if a dino is not passive. 0.5 = 50% damage taken.  0 = 0% damage.
        "ORP_Damage_Multiplier_Non_Passive_Dinos": 0.6,        // Damage multiplier of dinos that's not passive.
        "ORP_Turret_Damage_Multiplier": 3.0,                // Turret Damage multiplier for active ORP turrets.
        "ORP_TURRET_DAMAGE_MULTIPLIER_FULLY_ACTIVE": 0.2,    // If slowly powering up ORP, this will be chosen when fully powered.
        "ORP_Infinite_Turret_Ammo": true,                    // Turrets with active ORP has infinite ammo. If ORP slowly activated, this will be on when ORP has reached full prot.
        "ORP_PassiveDinoTakesNoDamage": false,                // If true will protect passive dinos with inventory too.
        "Msg_ORP_is_Active": "Your Target Has Active ORP. {}% damage taken.",
        "Enable_Range_Based_ORP" : true,                    // Enables range based ORP, if false it's map wide.
        "Max_Locations": 2,                                    // Max ORP locations a tribe can have.
        "Max_Range": 15000,                                    // Radius of ORP protection
        "Discord_ORP_Log_Webhook": "", // URL of webhook for ORP log.
        "On_Crash": {
            "Save_Logout_TimeStamps_Of_Online_Tribes": true,    // If true saves timestamps of online players as if they logged out upon a server crash.
            "Treat_All_As_RaidLog": false                        // If true all timestamps will be saved as if it was raidlog upon crash.
        "ORP_Structure": {                                            // For Maga Structure mod. Do not enable if you don't have the mod.
            "Use_Maga_Structure_Mod": false,                        // if true, uses maga structure mod.
            "Disable_SetOrp_Command": true,                            // if true disables player using /setorp
            "Remove_ORP_Locations_Without_A_ORP-Structure": true,    // if true removes structures and locations without matching structure upon map start.
            "Hide_Shield": false,                                    // Hides the shield bubble.
            "Required_Radius_From_Enemey_Foundations": 9000,
            "Max_ORP_In_Range_Radius": 10000
        "Remove_Wandering": true,        // Removes wandering on claimed babies.
        "Remove_Ally_Looking": true        // Removes ally look on claimed babies.
Chat Commands:
  • /setorp <name> - sets orp to current player location
  • /setorp <id> <name> - replaces ORP <id> with current location
  • /listorp - Gives list of current ORPs
  • /removeorp <name> -Removes ORP with <name>
  • /orp - will give message saying if you are inside your own ORP or not. And give ORP info of target.
  • /showorp - shows ORP with a bubble
  • /farm <attackindex> - Auto farms with the carried dino, IE argie and anky.
Console Commands:
  • cheat orp.blacklist.add <tribeid> example: cheat orp.blacklist.add 1686084968
  • Can also add your current target dino/player/structure when using no arguments: cheat orp.blacklist.add
  • cheat maga.reload -reloads config.
RCON Commands:
  • orp.blacklist.add <tribeid> example: orp.blacklist.add 1686084968
  • maga.reload -reloads config
Other ingame Commands:
  • /dinostats - Prints the base stats of targeted player owned dino.
  • /ds - Synonym for /dinostats
  • /suicide
Purchase Info:
After payment join my Discord via "Get Support" button (top right), and send me your hwid. The plugin will print it in console when not authorized.
Please give me at least 1-24 hours to autorize the hwid. No new DLL is needed.
This purchase comes with basic support if needed.

Hwid Info:
- Each license represents a physical machine, so 6 ark servers running on one machine would only need 1 licence, Additional licensee's are required when using multiple physical servers.
- Are you moving server host/upgrading hardware and worried about the hwid? Not a problem send me a pm, here or on discord, with the new hwid and I will have it updated. In most cases within the hour, but it can take up to 24 hours depending upon my availability at that moment.

For questions or more information join my Discord via this link:
(This is a temporary link, and unless assigned a role, you automatically leave server when you go offline on discord.)
Digital product
License duration
1 Years
36.00 EUR
Renewal price
15.00 EUR
First release
Last update
4.80 star(s) 15 ratings

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