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Lottery 1.3

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This plugin is designed to let players gamble with their points from the ArkShop Plugin.
The winner gets in the config setted percentage of the actual lottery pool
If there are multiple winners this will be splitted up equally

- Buy yourself a ticket for the current running Lottery

RCON / Console Commands:
<ticketPrice> <minutesToRun> <minPlayers>

    "Interval": 60, // Every 60 seconds it sends "StillOpen" with the remaining time.
    "WinPercentage": 75, // How many percentage of the whole pool the winner(s) should get.
    "AnnounceBuy": false, // Announce in chat that player x has bought a ticket.
    "AutoLottery": {
        "enabled": true, // true = timed lotteries, false = only manually
        "CreatingInterval": 60, // Every 60 Minutes a lottery will be opend
        "TicketPrice" : 100, // ArkShop points cost per ticket
        "MinutesToRun": 5, // 5 Minutes before the lottery winner(s) will be drawn
        "MinPlayers": 1 // Minimum Players for the Lottery to draw a winner
    "Messages": {
        "prefix": "Lottery",
        "StillOpen": "The Lottery is another {} minutes open. Use /lottery to buy a ticket",
        "WinnerMessage": "{} just won the Lottery! ",
        "NotEnoughPlayers": "Not enough players joined the Lottery aborting...",
        "AlreadyRunning": "There is already a Lottery running!",
        "Started": "A Lottery has been started! Ticket price: {} points. Use /lottery to buy a ticket",
        "AlreadyBought": "You've already bought a ticket!",
        "Rolled": "You've rolled a {} Good Luck!",
        "NotEnoughPoints": "You don't have enough points to join the lottery!",
        "NotRunning": "There is currently no lottery running!",
        "BuyAnnouncement": "{} has bought a ticket!"

Upcoming Feature(s):
- No more planned features. If you got any ideas how to improve this plugin please contact me

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Latest updates

  1. added Config

    added missing config file from update before
  2. Hotfix

    Fixed a bug that people could buy a ticket but no one getting drawn
  3. Added features..

    Added: - an option for automatically creating a lottery Note #1: Please replace all of your...

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