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LootBox 1.0

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LootBox plugin made For MatichaPvp

- This plugin allowed you to create LootBox in ark and sell them in your shop
- Fully customise config : you can add item, dino, reso, and points
- item quality blueprint chance and stuff like this can be configurable
- Illimited number of LootBox
- All messages are configurable.
- Player command
- Admin command

Player Commands :

- /box : show the player he's availible
- box <BoxName>: This command allow the player to use a LootBox

Console/Rcon Command:

- GiveLootBox <steamId> <BoxName> <Amount>

The plugins was Made for MachinePvp

First release
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4.20 star(s) 5 ratings

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Latest reviews

Excellent! But how do u make the plugin does not spamming what he gave to the player in the chat ?
Very little support and isnt the easiest plugin to get to work, but once you learn the limitations it works.
It is a must for any cluster.
Would be 5 stars if it was random between all dinos items and commands but it is not. its an ether or type system.
Finaly it worked for me.
Unfortunately, it does not work as I had hoped.
Works perfectly as it have to
Amazing Plugin