Lethal Sightings

Prevent Rare dino pickup of any kind until tamed (skiff, crab, flyer)
Rare Dinos are now delivered from drop pods. (Works on all maps)
Drop Pods will not destroy structures, players or tamed dinos but you may get dismounted from the impact.
New option to allow disabling drop pods if you want.
"UseDropPods": true, //True enables the drop pod dino delivery method (looks cool) //False will just spawn them normally (plain)​

Added Super Rare dinos and settings.
Spawning has been rewritten and you must now specify which dinos you want to be able to spawn.
I put in a small set of dinos in the AllowedDinos list but you will want to customize that to your liking.
Only dinos that spawn on the map will be chosen from your list.
So, you can create custom lists per map or one list for all maps.
A single list will affect spawn chances so it may be possible to miss a spawn time but likely a rare occurrence overall.

Added new options:
"UniqueSpawns": true, //True will not allow duplicate dino spawns (Can only have 1 Rare Rex for instance). False will allow duplicate Rare dino spawns.​
"SpawnNotificationInChat": false, //True will show the spawn message in the chat box also.​
Added new option
"UseSupplyCrateForLoot": true, //True will use the supply drops //False will give the loot directly to the killer​
Rewards has been changed/renamed and you can set Rare and Super Rare Rewards. I have trimmed down the default config entries so its not so long.
RareEffect and SuperRareEffect can be set to "AlphaGlow, PlusingRing or None"

(Config changes needed to multiple sections)
Not updating your config properly can lead to crashes!