Lethal Sightings

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Lethal Sightings
- Allows spawning higher than usual special dinos
Killing provides special loot that you can specify from a loot list in the config
Taming provides potentially powerful dinos with color mutations and higher stats

Rare Dinos
> Set max rares allowed at one time (applies to Super Rare also)
> Set graphical effect to make them stand out (removed when tamed)
> Set custom level range for rare dinos
> Set how often they try to spawn
> Set Random Names (optional)
> Set Random Colors (optional)
> Prevent Taming (optional)
> Only dinos you specify will become Super Rare or Rare
> Unable to be carried by a Dino or Skiff until after it is tamed.

Super Rare Dinos
> These features are in addition to the other dino settings
> Set custom level range much higher
> Set spawn chance (default 5% 1 out of 20 Rares)
> Set graphical effect to make them stand out
> Not Tamable

Super/Rare Announcements
> Dino and location on spawn but the exact location is not given
> Dino was tamed (only for rares)
> Dino was killed by players
> Dino was killed by wild dinos/environment

Reward Features
> Spawns a custom supply drop or can be given to killer directly
> Set Min/Max rewards to give
> Set the type of supply crate (sky, cave, underwater) _sky will maybe spark pvp for the reward crate loot_
> Set the Loot pool available (I have included many items by default with various Quality)
> Super Rare and Rare have their own reward settings

RCON/Console Commands
> Reload plugin config `lethalsightings.reload` (RCON or Console)

Admin Chat Command
> List Rare Dinos `/rarelist` configurable (Lists all rare spawns on the server)
> Teleport to Rare Dino `/rareteleport` configurable (usage `/rareteleport #`) (Allows teleporting to a rare spawn)
> Clear All Rare Dinos `/rareclear` configurable (removes all rares spawns from the map)

One license is limited to a single physical server, so multiple ark servers running on the same machine (HWID) would only need 1 license.

Demonstration of a rare dino spawning. (Click to see the video)

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Latest updates

  1. v1.01

    v1.01 Prevent Rare dino pickup of any kind until tamed (skiff, crab, flyer) Rare Dinos are now...