Lethal ORP

Lethal ORP 1.39

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Fix for Tribes with Raid Protection not being able to damage wild dinos they pickup with a flyer.
Fix for incorrect messaging about ORP being destroyed on login based on certain config option combinations.
Fix for servers using the CanRespawn: false setting to actually delete the tribes ORP that was destroyed.
Fix for 1114 loading error.
Added a new restriction for Raid Protected tribes. This restriction will protect other tribes that have an ORP (Activated or not) from taking damage from a Raid Protected tribe. This will curb issues of Raid Protected tribes trying to raid while protection is active while still allowing them to do Open World PvP.

v1.31+ is required to use the new PvP Cooldowns plugin I have released on Discord as beta.
Fixed cave detection tested most locations on Island, Center and some Valguero.
Fixed issue with being told you are no longer raid flagged when you weren't flagged to begin with.

Added new Damage Calc for Cave Turret Damage
Small fix for startup issue with 1.2

Fixed the SQL error people were reporting.
Database fix for a fresh install (Upgrading from a previous beta works fine but new install does not)
Fix ORP notification from displaying when you hit your own Tribe's dinos/structures. (Only happens when having Raid Protection)
Fixed issue with Raid Protection making players invincible outside the ORP range.
Added new Passive Dino Item List
    "IgnorePassiveDinoItems": [ //Additional Items to Ignore when calculating if a dino is eligible for Passive Damage Reduction. Consumables are automatically ignored.

  • Offline Raid Protection
  • PVE Base Mode (Always On ORP to allow World PVP Only)
  • Raid Protection (Granted by Admin for X Hours of 100% ORP Immunity)
  • ORP Decay Timer (Removes ORP after active for X Days in a row)
  • ORP Visiblity (Can temporarily show the ORP radius)
  • Adjust Damage Values (Dinos, Turrets and Structures)
  • Physical ORP (Structure that can be destroyed to disable a Tribe ORP serval customizable options)
  • ORP Placement Restrictions (Many options available to customize)
  • PVP Flagging System (Allows adding raid logging penalties)
  • Configurable Command Names
  • Customizable Messaging and Tribe Log Entries