Lethal ORP

Lethal ORP 1.42

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An outstanding solution that is incredibly useful. Can't say enough good things about this plugin right now.
Almost perfect.

Few things I would like to see.

1. The ability for admins to be able to set a protection time. (ORP only comes up for X amount of hours)

2. The ability for Admins to se a decay timer.
(Also on this one, If a tribe member doesn't log on for 24 hours the ORP comes down. if they don't log on for say an additional 72 hours the base and dinos it's covering will blow up.)
Hello works very nice! Thanks for the API. Only one thing not work properly or I do it wrong. IncreaseDinoDamageByPercent i set to 0 but the damage is still increased..
very nice plugin!
their plugins are very great and always offering good support!!!! thanks Lethal
Finally a dedicated ORP Plugin with visual ORP and simple config. Also, like the combination with this pluging and the Tribe Log Relay for admins/players to really follow up when and how anything happends. Keep up with the good work! :)