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Funciona como debería, aunque seria bueno poder modificar el comando
nice job!
Have used this on our cluster for quite some time and it has become a staple in letting us manage our servers. The recent updates have added some amazing features that give us even more power to remotely manage our servers and I can't give enough appreciation for it! 11/10!! 🤩
Thank you so much for the review!
Works fine.
Works perfectly
I think it's a good plug-in. Finally, there's no need to worry about new players building homes at the resurrection point. So I bought it. How can I get authorization?
love this plugin
Totalmente increible, sin duda añadire los otros plugins a mi servidor.
where the ID numbers of the numbers so that Vip counts more points than others?
Absolutely brilliant! really well written, and Lethal is incredibly open and receptive to feedback and suggestions, which makes all the difference in the world. Thank you Lethal!
It works perfectly❤
good plugin, but I have a problem, ignore admin does not work for me.
any idea why this is not working ?
Thank you for your review! It's added to Known issues, will be fixed in next release!
This shop is brilliant, THere is only one thing missing that would in my eyes make it a lot better and that would be to make the currency bushberrys as opposed to credits
Does not work.
Nice plugin. If the cluster is PvP / PvE, you can do so that if the PVE tribe on the PVP map attacks another tribe, and on the PVE map where the tribe's base is activated PVE Tribe Warfare
Amazing plugin for a lot of different things in the server. All my players love it and Kalendell and his discord community helped me set it up in no time. Will purchase at the future, worth the time and money!
nice for pve!
nice plugin ;)
Would it be possible to add the tents without durability ?
Good work!!!
ping very high with this plugin