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in ArkShop can I create a new menu in the shop which might be called Bossmenu ?
If you always wanted to create a little more fun for your players, I think this plugin will be very useful to you :)
who doesn't love lootboxes these days, a chance for this epic loot by spending shop points :)
and then this joy when we finally manage to draw what we have always dreamed of :)

There are many uses depending on what your players need in your server :)
but it's always an additional feature for your servers.

The plugin works properly and without errors,
I have no objections so far :)

I recommend it for such a price, additionally a free editor so you don't have to fumble with the code (which is sometimes difficult) :)
super good plugin, easy installation and brings whole new possibilities, can only recommend :)
Why is it forbidden to enter prompt text in the game

为什么游戏里输入 提示禁止文本
One of the best plugin for a server that facilitates all platforms and offers a variety of languages.
Despite being a young plugin it has very robust characteristics
plugin is great but we need a urgent fix , people can buy stuff from the shop while controlling a noglin , meaning they walk into a base buy a stryder get a bed in the middle of a base and poof base gone .... please find a solution ty
There is a new version in the making that's going to be released soon. We are gathering the bugs and solving them!
This is easy to setup, and creates a lot of fun for the players. I have had this plugin for over 12 months now, and OG is awesome with his support, and very patient.
Love the lootbox API super easy to setup players in the server enjoy the random challenge of the lootboxes i added in the server.
absolute madness ! loving it !
Finally protection
Great for players
Very useful
very good Plugin
Well thought out plugin, extremely helpful developer
does not work anymore
Plugin is very well made, with a very easy to use editor program that joins into the config to make editing simple and smooth for anyone!I am very happy that I finally found a real working lootbox plugin!
and there is also the dedicated editor, amazing!
Great work +++ Great Plugin. Highly Recommended!
Plugin is very well made, with a very easy to use editor program that joins into the config to make editing simple and smooth for anyone! A must-have for any PVP or PVE cluster. Design it how you like, the freedom is yours!
Nice Plugin !
Thank you!
Great plugin, Easy to use and has many functions for support player in my server.
If anyone wants Gen1 and Gen2 tekgrams

What a Brilliant Plugin to use for LeaderBoard also Easy Setup