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SafeZone plug in works just fine for the Island map but for some reason fails to start with any other DLC maps.
Awesome plugin and great problem-solving from MrSalt :)
Good Work, only the Permissions Plugin inside the Pluginsfolder are old, they should be deleted!
Amazing plugin only thing is im having issues with some tribe ids being "invalid" even though the id is perfectly valid and it works for most tribes and if the cooldown has already run out and i wan't to add a custom amount instead of just resetting it and i use "add" it goes to -10 hours anyone know how to fix those 2 things? if it made any sense
Any new player that joins the server is saved in the database as human and never updates when they change their name or set their name. I'm afraid if you wipe your cluster you will just have a db full of human's as player names I've reported this over a month ago and was told it would be fixed which is why I have waited until now to leave my review. There has been no update or message on discord.
Thanks for reporting this bug! We've just deployed an update on both API and DISCORD please let us know if this has resolved your bug!
Everything works great just wondering if it would be possible to add the names of the items in the kits so you can easier see what you are editing
Thank you! Great suggestion, we can certainly look into adding that for next update.
0 overflow issues since install. Greatly recommended
This plugin is outstanding. Provides players much more knowledge on what's happening on the server as well as us admins to check all players' tribelogs
I recommend this plugin 10/10
When will you go to nova update for this shop?
This plugin has eliminated Cheesing ORP on my unofficial cluster. When It breaks Wooly has helped me. I purchased this and I am very satisfied with the service. Don't hesitate if you can get some money from your servers players to help, it's worth it.
The best ever made for ark. Thank you!
excellent plugin and developer also responds to requests and 5/5 support
Love this plugin so easy to configure and works perfectly on my server! Keep up the awesome work!
its bad, you can be level 1 and tame a dodo and level up the dodo to 100 and receive all the engrams. Plus this developer has not logged into his account in over a year. defiantly not updated like it says it is.