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Thanks, it´s the plugin that i need. I was making one week a day to avoid 3500 days on servers .
Simply amazing, so much more than just a crosschat api if you dig into it. User friendly, super active dev, nothing more to say. If your looking for a crosschat api, this is the one.
Thanks, its perfect, helps soo much.
Its not working for me, when i write !discord nothing appears. Is a good plugin for servers, but i think its not have maintenance now. Correct me if im wrong.
Looking forward to more good features
Nice and great plugin !
Good plugin, easy to set :)
Another way that all our community players have fun in servers.
This is by far the best arkshop editor tool on the web even know its free I would pay a fee for this tool, the layout/theme is amazing can't wait for the big update
可以的 优秀的插件, 他正常工作 ,但是配置文件有坑 不能多加逗号 不然会报错
super buen plugin. recomenado para aqullos que desean tener el mismo tiempo para todas las estructuras. y con los grupos esta genial. tengo configuraciones de 15, 20, 30 y 365 dias de decay. :D jeje

super good plugin. recommended for those who wish to have the same time for all structures. and with the groups it's great. I have settings of 15, 20, 30 and 365 days of decay. : D hehe
Best ark plugin out there. Must have on any pvp server
Works very well on the DLC maps. Though mod maps it returns 0,0 for the coords quite often but distance works. So may be hit or miss depending on the map devs coord handling.
yes in 2.0 Version it will work for modded maps better. But as stated in the description we only support the listed ones! :)
If not problems with /kits, then everything would be great. Except it's a major issue.
This plugin does a lot of essential stuff. Even for a pve server it's a necessity and I would recommend it to anyone.
An amazing plugin that works flawlessly. Took a small while to learn to setup but was easy and works great.
One of the most useful plugins to have. Installing it I had an issue that was 100% my fault and wooly still helped me threw the problem and we got it working. Great plugin and Great dev is 5 stars in my book.
Very fast reply and authentication- Have yet to try out the mod but, i will update