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Grate plugin
It's an excellent plugin. Thank you for developing a good plugin like this. Keep doing it. I will cheer for you.
It's an excellent plugin. Thank you for developing a good plugin like this. Keep doing it. I will cheer for you.
Work ! Just install plugin permissions with suicide plugin for work !
simply brilliant as always from Pelayori, the 1.1 addition to log any missions that are started will be fantastic for troubleshooting any crashes
Appreciate the review!
10 stars. I looked around for 2 weeks trying to find something lightweight that I could customize and report my player count. I set this up in 5 minutes and it works perfectly. 100% recommend this plugin and the developer. Very active, responsive, and works with you if needed. 10/10 recommend.
Outstanding plugin. Makes my cluster more dynamic. Worth every penny!
Works very well, thank you very much
Thanks for the review!
The Plugin works perfectly. Thanks.
I think it is something that cannot be missing from any server.
Very useful.
Players now know that they are not alone when they play. :)
It also informs you of the status of the servers.
Thank you!
Really unique plugin on the market, you won't find any other plugin that does similar functionality.

Lethal is one of the best people I've met, willing to troubleshoot and respond to any plugin modifications within hours.

I can really recommend it.
Awesome update, love it. Using it again! ;)
During mind control with Noglin in the suicide plugin
Please include an option to disable suicide.
It would be even more perfect if that option was added!
Can't use this plug in actively, attempting to change things while online and reloading it through RCON turns our server off. Works great if you set it up before hand, but if you want to change anything you have to have the server off, which makes it really upsetting and unusable compared to other plug ins which can do similar things - wonderful plug in, terrible for active management (at least for me and a few others who seem to experiance the same issue)
I wouldn't buy if I were you. Had constant issues since purchasing. Here are some of the issues I have faced since adding it to my servers.
MySQL wouldn't sync between the servers
Protection would randomly reset and be stuck at the AutoProtection value I set in the config.
AddProtection and SetProtection Rcon commands do not work. The SetProtection Rcon command sets the value to 0 no matter the value you enter. The AddProtection Rcon command does nothing. I have reached out about this over a month ago and nothing has been said or done about it. (I was using it along with a shop mod that uses Rcon commands)

This is a very very buggy plugin. I am not using it along with any other ORP plugin and was a waste of money.
needs fixed from update