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no longer works on Genesis Part 1 and 2 for me
Great plugin, if anyone has a good base .json file for a 20x pvp server or can make one ill be willing to hire someone rather then take the time to code it myself.
Not working
when i add this plugin my server keep restarting :(
Amazing Thank you!
Yes, after new update of ark, this plugin crash my server.
Really neat!! Im wondering tho, is it possible to limit the amount of times someone can sell an item??
Like if I want to let people sell a trophy, but i want it to be a one time only bonus. Can that be done?
Not yet, but you could post it as a request in my discord!
Test today, found that the Dinos of KITs is not tamed, how to solve it?
This is not really where you post issues :)
OwnProx, I just realised almost all of my plugins are made by you, and they are all superb, this one in particular, is 1st class, I love how it does not use the horrible large yellow RCON text, I will upgrade shortly to support your development, thanks a lot for your contributions!
The plugin is great, but same here like Jace, in all maps sometimes when a player use a command for buy any item or dino, sometimes crashes de server. After crashes, they try again the same command and it works, so is random. Any way to posibility fix that?
That's depending on your config file. The command works. Just check your config is correct !
ShadowMane from gen2 not working
Excellent plugin, but after latest gen2 update, if anyone uses /suicide server crashes
Great plugin, but now with the new update for gen2 it crashes all my servers every time anyone tries to use it
That's the first time i hear about it, how ever i crash report could be done in the discussion or in my discord!
How ever we haven't confirmed it's an issue for everyone, but i we will look into if there is an actual issue that needs to be fixed we are already planning to release an update soon!
Has now started to crash the server every few hours. It seems if you get a lot of players with a lot of homes set, it will start crashing.
Works perfectly
Пользовался магазином, но в какой то момент не смог зайти на сайт посредника, пароль тоже восстановить нельзя, нет такой функции, как будто школьник делал сайт, чтобы связаться с администрацией, есть email на который она не отвечает, а так же ВК в которой контакты через email замкнутый круг :)
Dont Work !!! plz Update plugin !
perfect for us!
We use this Plugin in 8 Server Cluster (Genesis2 included) easy to install and no delay
having problems getting the plugin to properly execute commands to where the player recieves what they are trying to purchase, v2.2.0 no luck getting in contact with support either