Kill Unclaimeds

Kill Unclaimeds 1.2

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  • Updated for API v3.51
  • Fixed an issue where the plugin would hang the server for variable periods of time
  • Fixed dinos not being deleted
  • Fixed some possible server stalls when using the plugin
  • Plugin can now be loaded/unloaded at runtime without crash (old versions can't!)
  • Added new config options:

"KillEvenIfAdultDino": false, // If true, it will kill the dino after the said time even if it's adult already. Will delete adult unclaimed dinos at server startup too.
  "DroppedEggs": {
    "LimitDroppedEggCount": true, // If true it will prevent dinos from mating if there is too many nearby eggs (fertilized)
    "MaxDroppedEggsNearby": 20, // Max fertilized eggs dropped around to allow mating
    "CheckForEggsRange": 3000 // Range to check for nearby eggs