Kill Unclaimeds

Kill Unclaimeds 1.0

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Simple plugin to keep servers clean and avoid mass breeding leading to huge server lags.

- Can set interval to kill the dino if it's still unclaimed after that period of time
- Checks on dino birth, and on server start so it will clean unclaimeds on server startup (after server start, and after the interval has passed)
- Can ignore specific dino blueprints

Console / RCON Commands

ku.reload - Reloads config, only dinos spawned after the config reload will have the new interval

Config with comments:

  "IntervalToKill": 300, // Time in seconds after the dino birth/server start when the dino will be checked and killed if still unclaimed
  "IgnoreDinos": [ // Dino blueprints to ignore the unclaimed check.

I am always looking for new plugin ideas, and also I do custom jobs. Send me a direct message on discord to talk with me of any matter

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