Kill Unclaimeds

Kill Unclaimeds 1.2

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Simple plugin to keep servers clean and avoid mass breeding leading to huge server lags.

- Can set interval to kill the dino if it's still unclaimed after that period of time
- Checks on dino birth, and on server start so it will clean unclaimeds on server startup (after server start, and after the interval has passed)
- Can ignore specific dino blueprints

Console / RCON Commands

ku.reload - Reloads config, only dinos spawned after the config reload will have the new interval

Config with comments included in the plugin zip.

I am always looking for new plugin ideas, and also I do custom jobs. Send me a direct message on discord to talk with me of any matter

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  1. 1.2

    1.1: Updated for API v3.51 Fixed an issue where the plugin would hang the server for variable...

Latest reviews

Great plugin!
Keeps my server cluster clean from high rate AutoBreeding. Exactly what every Boosted breeding rate server needs. Thank you for your Hard Work, Creativity and sharing this plugin with all of us.