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Sorry for not posting the last few version
Be sure to check my discord for the latest!!

Added ForceSwing option to dinos, this is to fix an issue with Beaver spam swinging when not mounted
Set ForceSwing to false on beaver and rollrat

+ Added auto activate on pick up option
+ Added auto de-activate on drop option
+ Added option to remove the command
+ Added Permissions (GroupsAllowedToUse & BlockedIfHasGroups)
+ Fix an issue with StopAtWeight being ignored
+ Fix an issue with usePermission: false being ignored
+ Added option to block auto swing if carried by certain blueprints (i.e. skiff)
+ Fix for Karikinos left hand not making dinos farm
+ Fix for dino spam swinging and running out of stam when it has a rider
Version 1.04

+ Fix for dinos being held by skiff not swinging
- Fixed a crash issue when dino is killed and harvested
- Added optional MaxActiveFarmersPerTribe (set to 0 to disable)
- Added Message for MaxTribeFarmers
Quick fix for constantly changing HWID
Fix for bad HWIDs
Added support for localization and a checkSoloFarmKey rcon command