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Kals CrossChat with Discord & Tribes 4.0

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  • Fixed messages config being ignored
  • Added UTF support for config options
Quick fix for accidentally blocking all chat commands and rest of translation messages
  • Added chat back to RCON 'getchat' command
  • Fixed issue with TagColor being ignored
  • Fixed issue with /linkTribeLogs command not working
  • Added localization support for messages
  • Removed the forced 1s spam timer
  • Added local and ally chat
    • Ally chat now automatically does same as /tribe MAP was doing
    • Tribemates on map B will hear your ally message from map A even if you aren't tribed up on map A
  • Fixed languages for real this time, including chinese, russian, german
  • Added an optional auto start for discord bot (1 server gets marked as master server and opens the .exe automatically)
  • Fixed double names in discord for ShowSteamName
  • Fixed an issue where talking while dead was crashing server (bug added in 2.0)
Tiny fix on plugin & bot
  • Icons by Permission, Tribe, Map
  • Custom Tags by Permission, Tribe, Map
  • Custom Chat color (name, tribe name, message) by Permission, Tribe, Map
  • ChatSpamPrevention
  • ChatCensor (BadWords give mute)
  • Added console command "reloadchat"
  • Added discord status channels
  • Added /linkDiscord command
  • Added /kickMe command if discord is linked to steam id
We now have Tribe Log to discord support via TribeLogRelay plugin, but instead of having tribe owners create webhooks, there is now an easier shortcut
Tribe owners that invite the discord bot the their own discords will now be able pick what channel they want tribe logs in and use:

They will get a response like:

To link your tribe logs to this discord channel, have a tribe admin use this command ingame: /linkTribeLogs rWrmo7gSXCZNwud
Once they do that ingame tribe logs should automatically link (for that world)

You can do it again for other worlds to the same channel

To unlink tribelogs a tribe admin can go ingame and use:

Emoji fix
Add "HideServerName" option to discord
Fixed a typo in pluginInfo.json that was stopping the plugin
Finally fixed Russian
Added UTF for tribe names
Fixed emojis ingame