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Kals CrossChat with Discord & Tribes 2.7

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Version 2.6.4
  • Fix for non-ASCII bad words
  • Stitch TribeLog and AdminLog messages coming from **TLR** into 1 message.

Added new piece to discordConfig.js

   "TribeWebhookNames": ["Logs", "TribeLog"],
Added SteamIds to the ChatColors, Tags, and Icons sections if you dont want to use permissions
Added getChatHWID console command for people having trouble getting that from hosting services
Added better way to check mapname, should work more consistently and work for custom maps
Added "botOut.log" for when bot crashes Changed discord server status channels
They had a 5 minute max on updating the name (discord limit)
Now if the name needs to update quicker than that it remakes the channel instead
Added "Loading" status to server status channels in discord
  • Added localization support for discord status channels and cluster status
  • Added RCON command (was just ingame command, oops) for reloadchat
Fix message mismatch
  • Messages part of config now accepts UTF
  • Fixed messages config being ignored
  • Added UTF support for config options
Quick fix for accidentally blocking all chat commands and rest of translation messages
  • Added chat back to RCON 'getchat' command
  • Fixed issue with TagColor being ignored
  • Fixed issue with /linkTribeLogs command not working
  • Added localization support for messages
  • Removed the forced 1s spam timer
  • Added local and ally chat
    • Ally chat now automatically does same as /tribe MAP was doing
    • Tribemates on map B will hear your ally message from map A even if you aren't tribed up on map A