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Kals CrossChat with Discord & Tribes 3.1

No permission to download
- Duplicating channels fix.... again
- ShowTribeName fix
- Added ShowMap options ingame, discord global, and in playerlist
- Some fixes for default configs
- Fixed an issue causing blacklist, antispam, and mute to not work
- Fixed an issue with DiscordSteamLinks table breaking plugin for some people using Sql that has case sensitive table names

Config changes:
discordConfig: added:
"GlobalChat": {
"Enabled": true,
"GlobalChatChannelId": "",
"ShowMap": false,
"AllowDiscordToIngame": true
NOTE: If you are having any crashes when using the kmute command please update the MutedMessage in config.json
Couple tiny release fixes, this seems to be stable.
**Version 3.0**
Finally officially releasing version 3.0

This includes features such as:

- Live Playerlist
- Rcon Commander
- Reworked StatusChannels
- More Internationalization support
- /ignore & /unignore commands
- /kmute and /kunmute commands
- Two way ArkPermission<->DiscordRole syncing
- Auto DiscordRole for using /linkDiscord
- Ingame chat tags and colors from discord

Download the new version at:

Config Changes:
- Added RconCommands, PlayerList, SteamLink, IngameChatFromDiscordConfig, RolePermissionSync sections to discordConfig.json
- Added more messages to discordConfig.json and config.json

I've also included a README file with the download that has full instructions!!!!
  • Fixed !showtips & !hidetips (they werent working)
  • Added /ignore and /unignore
Actual fix for the .exe crashing
Updated TLR to using version 2.0
Updated ShowCodeBlocks: false method to look a little better
  • Added RandomTips
  • Added Mute/Unmute console commands
  • Added mutes.log
  • Added !showtips / !hidetips chat commands
  • Added option for ShowMapName and UseCrossChat for people that want to turn those parts off
  • Added ForRaidProtectedTribe option to the Tag and Icon Configs, this will work based off of LethalORP (v1.3.1) RaidProtection Fixed issue causing chat to duplicate
  • Fixed issue with bot crashing
  • Fixed issue with Admin tag from discord not getting colored
  • Fixed issue with Icons from mods not loading correctly
Changed how HWID is checked
Version 2.6.4
  • Fix for non-ASCII bad words
  • Stitch TribeLog and AdminLog messages coming from **TLR** into 1 message.

Added new piece to discordConfig.js

   "TribeWebhookNames": ["Logs", "TribeLog"],
Added SteamIds to the ChatColors, Tags, and Icons sections if you dont want to use permissions
Added getChatHWID console command for people having trouble getting that from hosting services
Added better way to check mapname, should work more consistently and work for custom maps
Added "botOut.log" for when bot crashes Changed discord server status channels
They had a 5 minute max on updating the name (discord limit)
Now if the name needs to update quicker than that it remakes the channel instead
Added "Loading" status to server status channels in discord