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Kals CrossChat with Discord & Tribes 4.5

No permission to download
+ Added threading to Sql to improve server FPS
+ Bot Permanenant Messages option (With buttons, embeds, Permissions, etc)
+ Roles to Permission sync fixed from Discord to ARK
+ Fix chat formatting in Discord when a player's name cannot be retrieved (Chatting while dead, ascending, char select)
+ Fox player name not retrieved when joining or transferring servers
+ Fix playerlist only displaying player count and not player information
+ Fix for capitals not working in Bad Words list
+ Fix for /linkTribe not showing code
+ Bot performance improvements
+ /joinleave now works correctly
+ New License system!!
+ Added IncludeTribeInNickname to Bot SteamLink ForceUpdateDiscordNickname

Price is changing to do ever increasing functionality and effort put into this plugin/bot
New Price is $40 per HWID
Existing licenses will be fine but will need to be transferred to the new system!!

To upgrade please join my discord (link)
The purchase links in the Buy-Plugin-Info channel should automatically activate, if not please make a ticket.
Fixed too many things too list
but heres some

+ Fixed issue with loading serverkeys
+ Fixed an issue with the /online command not displaying correctly
+ Fixed auto delete for old messages
+ Fixed issue blocking the "player left server" msgs from showing
+ Fixed issue with newline "/n" breaking msg coloring
+ Fixed a tiny issue with emojis
+ Fixed issue with /ignore list not showing the right options
+ Added /joinLeave toggle command to let players hide cross map join/leave notifications
Other fixes from the beta

Added "ToggleCommand": "/joinleave", in the CrossMapNotifications section
Added JoinLeaveHidden and JoinLeaveUnhidden in the Messages section
Version 3.6

+ Performance Improvements (Added caching for Permissions to avoid spamming the sql database)
+ Added localization and unicode support for CrossMapNotifications
+ Added Display time, Scale, and Color options for join/leave notifications


"CrossMapNotifications": {
    "Enabled": true,
    "Display_Scale": 1.0,
    "Display_Time": 5.0,
    "JoinDifferent_ColorRGB": [255, 255, 255],
    "LeaveDifferent_ColorRGB": [255, 255, 255],
    "JoinSame_ColorRGB": [100, 180, 100],
    "LeaveSame_ColorRGB": [163, 50, 50],
    "JoinedWord": "Joined",
    "LeftWord": "Left"
Fix for latest version causing new ServerKeys to not be added to the database
Fix for join/leave messages being reversed
Version 3.5
- Added Cluster Join/Leave notifications
- Fixed a performance issue causing many extra Sql calls
- Temporarily disabled StatusChannels in discord bot
- Fixed /kickMe for real this time!!!

New option in config.json
"UseCrossMapNotifications": true,
New HWID system
Added LicenseKey to the config.json
- Duplicating channels fix.... again
- ShowTribeName fix
- Added ShowMap options ingame, discord global, and in playerlist
- Some fixes for default configs
- Fixed an issue causing blacklist, antispam, and mute to not work
- Fixed an issue with DiscordSteamLinks table breaking plugin for some people using Sql that has case sensitive table names

Config changes:
discordConfig: added:
"GlobalChat": {
"Enabled": true,
"GlobalChatChannelId": "",
"ShowMap": false,
"AllowDiscordToIngame": true
NOTE: If you are having any crashes when using the kmute command please update the MutedMessage in config.json
Couple tiny release fixes, this seems to be stable.