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Kals CrossChat with Discord & Tribes 4.0

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The best ever made for ark. Thank you!
Best plugin ever!
Love this plugin so much! My players love the chat and the player counts!
This is by far the most comprehensive and smoothest chat application around. Well worth the purchase!
love this plugin
Totalmente increible, sin duda añadire los otros plugins a mi servidor.
Amazing plugin for a lot of different things in the server. All my players love it and Kalendell and his discord community helped me set it up in no time. Will purchase at the future, worth the time and money!
Very fast reply, really great plugin. one of the best dev on ark api. Love this plugin. its so highly customizable. Thank you for the great work.
Very Nice.Thank You.
But i have a litle Problem.
I become an error….:
Status Channels currently disabled due to a discord bug. Use playerlist instead.
Best plugin!!
Needed help setting it up, Dev Jumped on Team Viewer and fixed my problem in minutes, Worth Every Penny A+++, If you don't have this Get it Now!
Simply amazing, so much more than just a crosschat api if you dig into it. User friendly, super active dev, nothing more to say. If your looking for a crosschat api, this is the one.
Great plugin and developer!
Far out the best CrossChat plugin I have ever tested, strongly recommending it!
Great dev that made a fantastic plugin, and does that is supposed to do. Can't wait what future updates will bring us!
Some errors occurred during the installation and database access should be normal

[API][warning] (API::PluginManager::LoadAllPlugins) Failed to load plugin - KalsCrossChat
Error code: 1114
This is an error in your config
or the support channel in my discord
This plug-in is really great. If you try it, I think you will fall in love with him
Where do I contact to buy the full version?
You can contact me on discord (Kalendell#9773)
The ArkServerAPI discord is
best chat system ever. fast with sql and very nice with DiscordBot.