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!PURCHASE" for additional information
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Differences between v1 and v2 DC Protection

  • v1 (Free) cannot handle armor, weapons, saddles, blueprints, dinos etc. If you transfer with a full inventory (slot cap) of armor for instance you can still crash.
  • v2 does not have this limitation which provides Full DC Protection no matter what you transfer with or how many engrams you have learned.
  • I have posted videos on my discord demonstrating v2 in action and using the same character/inventory what happens without it.
The default config is an example and should be updated to match what you want to do with the plugin.

Full DC protection (Buffer Overflow) that works (videos on my discord) (MySQL required)
Crafting Skill stat capping mechanics (Additional improvements are planned as the feature is further developed)
Upload restricted items like Element, Shards, Trophies and Tribute Items (configurable) (MySQL required)
Shoulder Pet Saver will place your shoulder pet in a temporary cryopod and place in your inventory upon transferring servers
Transfer Spawn Immunity Option - After server transfer and during the download delay time player cannot move and cannot be damaged
Notify Players if they have items left in the upload system.
Reduce default item weight and/or individual item weight by a percentage (Item weight will not change but the weight on your character/dino weight stat will reflect the adjusted weight)
Set Blueprints to have limited uses that destroys the BP when the last use is used.
  • General Limit
  • Limits by Quality of the BP
  • Change Tek limits higher/lower
  • Remove limits on Tek
Block Items, Engrams or Blueprints from being visible or used by players in inventory or crafting benches.
  • You can now block that pesky MiniHLNA skin for example
Prevent items being uploaded to ARK Data and player transfers
  • Permission system added to allow two different bypasses on this feature
  • First allows bypassing specific items you specify
  • Second allows bypassing all restrictions (works like the Admin permission without giving out Admin)
Armor and Weapon Durability options to reduce the speed at which durability is removed
Armor, Weapon Damage, Durability can be increased by a percentage for Armor, Weapons or Saddles if they use that particular stat
Armor, Weapon Damage, Durability can be capped globally or by item

Upload System/Buffer Overflow Protection (MYSQL IS REQUIRED TO USE THIS FEATURE)
When you open a tribute inventory (obelisk/transmitter/etc) You will get a message if carrying items that are not allowed to be transferred and instruct you to use the /upload command. This command will upload all items matching the list by default is non-transferable item (element, apex etc). The /upload command is active for 60 seconds after opening the tribute inventory. This is a measure to prevent abuse and uploading all over the map at will.

Once you complete the transfer to a new server the items will automatically be added back to your inventory.

  • Upload items before transferring servers for any normally non-transferable item. (Element/Artifacts/Etc)
  • Automatic Overflow Protection when transferring servers (Outgoing reliable buffer overflow fixed)
  • Ability to expire uploaded items after X minutes (0 disables this feature)
  • Ability to control how long the upload command will be active (in seconds)
  • Crash Dupe Protection for uploaded items.
  • Items uploaded must be downloaded from a different server than where they were uploaded from.

Chat Commands
  • /upload (Will upload normally non-transferable items that are configured in the "Items" list)

RCON/Console Reload Command:
  • ItemsPlus.Reload - This allows you to make config.json changes and load in the changes you made without restarting the server.

One license is limited to a single physical server, so multiple ark servers running on the same machine (HWID) would only need 1 license.

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Latest updates

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