Items+ 1.52

No permission to download
0 overflow issues since install. Greatly recommended
Very good plug-in, but MySQL debugging is more complex.
A good plugin is when I install the plugin and it appears that I cannot connect to the plugin server
Set UseMysql to false if not using it. Required for the /upload feature though.
Absolutely amazing free plugin. I installed it on my personal 8 map cluster and the endless options are a blessing to have. Certainly removes the need for a few different mods.
I had a question about BPUses though, if I set BPUses to 0 would it disable the feature that limits crafting amount or will it make new BPs be able to craft 0 times? Thank You
Trojan detected! Check dll on VirusTotal before using it. Use at your own risk.
If you don't trust it don't use it thanks for stopping by for the 1 star.
This is a great plugin, but in version 1.47 there is an error with the message "A Debugger has been found running in your system Please, Unload it from Memory and Restart your Program". Version 1.43 works normally
xk me sale la pechera de metal sin poder fabricarla en la herreria
You will need to change the default config that comes with it. As an example the Flak Chest is blocked and many other settings you will need to customize for your own server. The default config is meant as an example of different things you can do with the plugin. Information on all the settings are on the Overview page of this plugin.
como se istalar esque nose como se pone necesitaria ayuda
I think you are asking how to install the plugin which is the same as any plugin available on the site.

Install ARK: Server API
Copy "ItemsPlus" folder to "ArkApi/Plugins"
I was fortunate to have been involved with the beta testing to RC on this plugin. Lethal is an excellent developer to work with. Listens to what the community wants and does their best to provide it. This one, as GamingOGs stated, is a much needed QoL plugin. I cannot wait to see what they come up with next.
Thank you very much for the plugin, is it possible to add a modifier for the bags of items?
Thanks, awesome Plugin !
Very talented dev amazing quality of life plugin!