|HWID Bans| |Anti VPN| |Timed Bans| |Region Lock| |Anti Alt Account| MOD + Plugin

|HWID Bans| |Anti VPN| |Timed Bans| |Region Lock| |Anti Alt Account| MOD + Plugin 1.7

Are you tired of griefers?
Are you tired of banning players only to have them come back with another account?

well, worry no more, because this system is exactly what you need!

if you have any questions at all feel free to click the Get Support button and join my discord where I will do my best to answer all questions in a timely manner

  • HWIDBans
Ban Players By Their Hardware ID and make sure they never come back (even if they switch their steam account) seamlessly integrates without adding any new ban commands, even works from the ShowMyadminManager UI
  • IP Filtering
prevent players with Bad IP's (VPN's or proxy's) from joining your servers, or apply region lock to make sure that players are able to join only from certain regions, Anti VPN makes sure they cannot bypass region lock with a VPN :)
  • Timed Bans
a super-efficient method of banning players for a certain time period supports banning by minutes, hours or days
  • Automatic Banlist Import
HWIDBans can import your existing banlists to make integration super easy and less time consuming, HWIDBans supports the banlist.txt located in the win64 folder of your server and also supports web banlists
  • ALT account detection and prevention
prevent players from joining with many steam accounts from the same system, Extremely useful if you give one time rewards to new players only for example :)
  • Discord Logging For All Actions
I think this feature is best explained with screenshots:






"Mysql": {
"UseMysql": true,
"MysqlHost": "localhost",
"MysqlUser": "root",
"MysqlPass": "YourPassword",
"MysqlDB": "hwidbans"
"Sqlite": {
"DbPathOverride": ""
"General": {
"ImportBanlist": false, <- enables the importing of banlist from the banlist.txt file located in the win64 folder
"ImportBanlist_FromURL": false, <- enabled the importing of banlist from a URL (if you're using a web banlist)
"URLBanlist_Override": "", <- manually input the URL of your web banlist (if empty will use the URL located in GameUserSettings.ini)
"Prevent_Chat_Until_HWID_Verified" : true, <- prevents players from sending any messages to chat until their system info has been verified
"Use_Database_Based_Whitelist" : true <- creates a table for whitelist in your database (makes you able to whitelist players by a cheat command instead of adding them to the config)
"Discord": {
"Use_Compact_Webhook" : true, <- if true the discord webhook will be formatted to take up less space
"ServerName": "", <- the server name that is going to be used in messages posted to discord (if empty uses map name)
"Log_In_Log_Out_Webhook": "YourWebhook",
"Kick_Webhook" : "YourWebhook",
"Ban_UnBan_Webhook" : "YourWebhook"
"Bans": {
"Exclude_Admins_From_All_Checks": false, <- if true will exclude admins from all checks when joining
"Use_Alt_Account_Detection" : true, <- if true players will only be able to log in with 1 steam account from the same PC
"ALT_Account_Detection_SteamIDWhitelist": [123,456] <- steamID's added here will be excempt from the ALT account check
"IpFiltering": {
"SteamIDWhitelist": [], <- any SteamID added here will be excluded from being IP checked
"Enabled": true, <- enables or disables IP filtering
"CacheClearInterval_Hours": 5, <- controls how often the cache is cleared (when an IP is in the cache it's not rechecked at every player connection)
"IpHubAPiToken": "YourAPIToken", <- Your API token which you can get from https://iphub.info/api
"RegionLockType": "Whitelist", <- if set to Whitelist regions specified in the bottom option will be allowed on the server, if set to Blacklist regions specified in the bottom option will be kicked
"Regions": ["GE","DE"] <- regions, you can lookup region codes for countries here (https://countrycode.org/) keep in mind that region codes are case sensitive
"Messages": {
"Sender": "HWIDBans",
"HWID_Not_Verified" : "<RichColor Color=\"1, 0, 0, 1\">Please Spawn In To Access Chat!</>",
"Send_Banned_Message_To_All_Players" : true,
"BannedPlayerMessageToAllPlayers": "{} Has Been Banned From This Cluster And Will Be Kicked Shortly",
"BannedKickMessage": "You're HWID Banned From This Cluster",
"AltAccountKickMessage": "You're connecting with an ALT account, please connect with your original account",
"BadIpKickMessage": "Your IP address is deemed unsafe and thus unable to join this server",
"BadRegionKickMessage": "You are not authorized to join this server from your current country/region"

Commands (all commands work from RCON and Console):
HWIDBans.reload <- reloads the configuration file

BanPlayer SteamID Time (Optional) or BanPlayer HWID Time (Optional) <- bans the player by HWID or SteamID
^^ time can be as follows BanPlayer SteamID 10m - 10 minute Ban, BanPlayer SteamID 10h - 10 Hour Ban, BanPlayer SteamID 10d - 10 Day Ban (Max unit of time is a day)

UnBanPlayer SteamID
or UnBanPlayer HWID <- unbans the player by HWID or SteamID

GetPlayerHWID SteamID <- prints all the HWID's that player has played with

DeletePlayerRecord SteamID or DeletePlayerRecord HWID <- deletes the entry from the database (in case something has gone wrong)

Whitelisting commands (only work if Database Based Whitelist is enabled!):

AddToAltWhitelist SteamID
<- adds the player to Alt account detection Whitelist

AddToIpWhitelist SteamID <- adds the player to IP filtering Whitelist

RemoveFromAltWhitelist SteamID <- removes the player from Alt account detection Whitelist

RemoveFromIpWhitelist SteamID<- removes the player from IP filtering Whitelist

after you have been authenticated please download and install this mod (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1840739225) and afterward install the plugin, both are required for the system to work

Purchase Info:
After purchasing the plugin join my Discord via "Get Support" button (top right), and send me your hwid and your server's IP address. The HWID will be printed in console when not authorized.
Please give me at least 1-24 hours to authorize the hwid. No new DLL is needed.
This purchase comes with basic support if needed.

Hwid Info:
- Each license represents a physical machine, so 6 ark servers running on one machine would only need 1 license, Additional licensees are required when using multiple physical servers.
Digital product
License duration
33.00 USD
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. 1.7 Release

    HWIDBans now prevents ARK from loading the default banlist (present in the win64 folder) fixed...
  2. new update

    -Added an option to whitelist admins from all checks -Added a whitelist option from ALT account...

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