GenderChanger 1.4

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  • Added 3 new config options:

  "PreventChangingNeuteredDinos": true, // If true it will not allow to change gender of neutered dinos
  "AllowGenderToGenderlessDinos": false, // If true it will give TEMPORARY gender to dinos. Please note that cryopodding or server restart will revert this change as part of ark's limitations
  "AllowTokenTrading": true, // If false players won't be able to send tokens to other players

  • Fixed default config being incorrect
  • Added `TotalSpent` variable to database (MySQL only)

Config changes needed!
- Fixed issues with trading tokens

- Fixed GetAimedActor crash
- Added new message for when player uses /gc without having spawned
- Fixed RCON commands for adding/removing tokens
- Fixed trade crash
- Fixed SQLite issues with resetting tokens after relog
- Added new Timed Rewards feature, old one is removed.
- Cleaned up code a bit
- Added config_help.json
- Timed rewards interval is now in minutes

New TimedRewards will allow per-group rewards and it's a lot better than the old one

**Config Updates are needed!**
-Fixed crash when using /ttrade and it was empty/token system was not enabled
Fixed crash when players joined the server and UseTokens = false
-Fixed "UseTokens" config value, now if false will not check for tokens anymore.
-Fixed some messages not getting Unicode support
-Added RCON command to change dino gender by dino ids:

RCON COMMAND: gc.change dinoId1 dinoId2

This command ignores any of the token/permission config and just changes the gender

-Fixed token trade command, now it works.

-Added some more config messages as requested by users: Config addition:

"Messages": {
"AddedTokensCmd": "Succesfully added tokens",
    "FailedToAddTokens": "Failed to add tokens"
-Added messages configurable by config
-Added Unicode (Russian and other languages) support for messages.

New config additions:
"Messages": {
    "Sender": "GenderChanger",
    "TokensReceived": "You received {0} tokens! (Total {1})",
    "ManyPlayersFound": "Found more than 1 player with that name",
    "NoPlayersFound": "No player with that name",
    "SentTokens": "Succesfully sent tokens",
    "ReceivedTokens": "You have received {0} tokens!",
    "TradeUsage": "/trade 'Player Name' amount",
    "HasTokens": "You have {0} tokens!",
    "BlacklistedDino": "This dino is blacklisted by server administrator!",
    "NoTokens": "You don't have enough tokens!",
    "NoPermission": "You don't have permission to use this command!",
    "DinoHasNoGender": "This dino does not use gender!",
    "NoSameTribe": "Dino is not on your tribe!",
    "NoDinoInSigh": "You are not aiming to any dino!",
    "DinoIsMale": "Your dino is now a male!",
    "DinoIsFemale": "Your dino is female!"