GenderChanger 1.4

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Plugin features:
  • Change gender of dinos just with a command while staring at a dino
  • (Optional) Token system to allow players to use it
  • (Optional) Allow only certain groups to use the command
  • (Optional) Enable timed token rewards for players
  • MySQL support for token system
  • SQLite support for token system

Console/RCON Commands:
  • gc.reload -> Reloads the config.json
  • gc.addtokens steamid amount -> Adds X tokens to said player
  • gc.removetokens steamid amount -> Removes X tokens to said player
  • gc.settokens steamid amount -> Set player's total tokens to specified amount
RCON Only commands:
  • gc.change dinoId1 dinoId2 -> Changes the gender for the given ids dino (if found)

Chat commands:

Chat commands can be customized in the config.json, but the default commands and its functions are:

/tokens -> displays how many tokens does the user has in the chat
/cg -> changes the gender of the dino in sigh to its oppsite gender if player meets all the necessary criteria (Ex: if has enough tokens, is permission allowed, etc.)
/ttrade 'Player Name' amount -> trade X amount of tokens with a player

Config file explained:
  "UseTokens": true, // If true token system will be used and players will need to have tokens in order to use /cg
  "TokensToConsumePerChange": 1, // Amount of token that a gender change costs
  "UseMySQL": false, // If UseTokens = true the db will be used. "UseMySQL" = false will force plugin to use SQLite
  "MySQL": {
    "Address": "localhost",
    "User": "root",
    "Password": "1234",
    "Database": "dinogender"
  "SQLitePathOverride": "",
  "UsePermissions": false, // If true will check if player is in any of the AllowedGroups array. If not player won't be able to change gender
  "AllowedGroups": [ // If UsePermissions = true players will need any of this groups for executing the command
  "BlackListedDinos": [ // List of dinos that won't be able to have their gender changed
  "Messages": {
    "Sender": "GenderChanger",
    "TokensReceived": "You received {0} tokens! (Total {1})",
    "ManyPlayersFound": "Found more than 1 player with that name",
    "NoPlayersFound": "No player with that name",
    "SentTokens": "Succesfully sent tokens",
    "ReceivedTokens": "You have received {0} tokens!",
    "TradeUsage": "/trade 'Player Name' amount",
    "HasTokens": "You have {0} tokens!",
    "BlacklistedDino": "This dino is blacklisted by server administrator!",
    "NoTokens": "You don't have enough tokens!",
    "NoPermission": "You don't have permission to use this command!",
    "DinoHasNoGender": "This dino does not use gender!",
    "NoSameTribe": "Dino is not on your tribe!",
    "NoDinoInSigh": "You are not aiming to any dino!",
    "DinoIsMale": "Your dino is now a male!",
    "DinoIsFemale": "Your dino is female!"
  "Commands": { // Customize chat commands
    "ChangeGender": "/cg",
    "TokenTrade": "/ttrade",
    "Tokens": "/tokens"
  "TimedRewards": {
    "Enabled": true, // If true players will be given X tokens every X seconds
    "Amount": 1, // Amount of tokens to give
    "Interval": 300 // Interval to give IN SECONDS

Common issues:

Donate: If you like the plugin and want to support my development feel free to donate here:

Support server:
Pelayori's Dev Hut

I am always looking for new plugin ideas, and also I do custom jobs. Send me a direct message on discord to talk with me of any matter

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Latest updates

  1. 1.4

    Added 3 new config options: Fixed default config being incorrect Added `TotalSpent`...
  2. 1.3.3

    - Fixed issues with trading tokens (Reupload)
  3. Release 1.3.2

    - Fixed GetAimedActor crash - Added new message for when player uses /gc without having spawned

Latest reviews

Perfect to use as a VIP function, gender changer works correctly
Easy to configure! Nice plugin!
Very talented developer and an incredible response time for support
Very excited about this plugin. Pelayori does great work and is always very helpful!