GenderChanger [Token System & Permissions]

GenderChanger [Token System & Permissions] 1.24

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Plugin features:
  • Change gender of dinos just with a command while staring at a dino
  • (Optional) Token system to allow players to use it
  • (Optional) Allow only certain groups to use the command
  • (Optional) Enable timed token rewards for players (TODO: Per group reward)
  • MySQL support for token system
  • SQLite support for token system

Console/RCON Commands:
  • gc.reload -> Reloads the config.json
  • gc.addtokens steamid amount -> Adds X tokens to said player
  • gc.removetokens steamid amount -> Removes X tokens to said player
  • gc.settokens steamid amount -> Set player's total tokens to specified amount
RCON Only commands:
  • gc.change dinoId1 dinoId2 -> Changes the gender for the given ids dino (if found)

Chat commands:

Chat commands can be customized in the config.json, but the default commands and its functions are:

/tokens -> displays how many tokens does the user has in the chat
/cg -> changes the gender of the dino in sigh to its oppsite gender if player meets all the necessary criteria (Ex: if has enough tokens, is permission allowed, etc.)
/ttrade 'Player Name' amount -> trade X amount of tokens with a player

Config file explained:
  "UseTokens": true, // If true token system will be used and players will need to have tokens in order to use /cg
  "TokensToConsumePerChange": 1, // Amount of token that a gender change costs
  "UseMySQL": false, // If UseTokens = true the db will be used. "UseMySQL" = false will force plugin to use SQLite
  "MySQL": {
    "Address": "localhost",
    "User": "root",
    "Password": "1234",
    "Database": "dinogender"
  "SQLitePathOverride": "",
  "UsePermissions": false, // If true will check if player is in any of the AllowedGroups array. If not player won't be able to change gender
  "AllowedGroups": [ // If UsePermissions = true players will need any of this groups for executing the command
  "BlackListedDinos": [ // List of dinos that won't be able to have their gender changed
  "Messages": {
    "Sender": "GenderChanger",
    "TokensReceived": "You received {0} tokens! (Total {1})",
    "ManyPlayersFound": "Found more than 1 player with that name",
    "NoPlayersFound": "No player with that name",
    "SentTokens": "Succesfully sent tokens",
    "ReceivedTokens": "You have received {0} tokens!",
    "TradeUsage": "/trade 'Player Name' amount",
    "HasTokens": "You have {0} tokens!",
    "BlacklistedDino": "This dino is blacklisted by server administrator!",
    "NoTokens": "You don't have enough tokens!",
    "NoPermission": "You don't have permission to use this command!",
    "DinoHasNoGender": "This dino does not use gender!",
    "NoSameTribe": "Dino is not on your tribe!",
    "NoDinoInSigh": "You are not aiming to any dino!",
    "DinoIsMale": "Your dino is now a male!",
    "DinoIsFemale": "Your dino is female!"
  "Commands": { // Customize chat commands
    "ChangeGender": "/cg",
    "TokenTrade": "/ttrade",
    "Tokens": "/tokens"
  "TimedRewards": {
    "Enabled": true, // If true players will be given X tokens every X seconds
    "Amount": 1, // Amount of tokens to give
    "Interval": 300 // Interval to give IN SECONDS

Common issues:

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Latest updates

  1. Crash fix

    -Fixed crash when using /ttrade and it was empty/token system was not enabled
  2. Fixes

    Fixed crash when players joined the server and UseTokens = false
  3. Fixes

    -Fixed "UseTokens" config value, now if false will not check for tokens anymore. -Fixed some...

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