GAMINGOGS - Website Lootboxes Script (OPEN SOURCE)

GAMINGOGS - Website Lootboxes Script (OPEN SOURCE) 1.0

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This script allows you to display data from the plugin "GamingOGs Lootbox Plugin" directly on your website.​

Website Features:
Product Description:
Have you ever wanted to display the gamingogs lootbox plugin MySQL database stats directly on your website without the headache and hassle of coding the website files? Well, now you can! This PHP script is different than our other PHP scripts.

Installation Tutorial:
1. Download the .ZIP file
2. Open the .PHP files inside "notepad"
3. Edit the db.php file and enter your arkshop database information.
3. Copy and paste the code directly on any webpage you want to be displayed.
4. That's it! Enjoy the stats!

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions):

: Does this require any backend coding programing to add to my existing website?
A: Nope! This requires 0% coding knowledge on your behalf to set up. You simply modify the "ServerKey" with your own then you drag/drop or copy/paste it directly on your website and that's it! It's designed to be user friendly as possible by making it a simple drag/drop and done!

Q: Why "PHP" and not other languages?
A: Great question! "PHP" will be the starting language this will be coded in and other languages such as "Javascript" / "Node.JS" and such will be added to the Github project. We've chosen to start out on "PHP" because it's the most user-friendly coding language for community owners/admins who aren't experienced in website programming. We will be adding more languages that are more in-depth such as node.js and javascript languages for the more "advanced" users who want more control and customization over their websites and in-game query data. PHP is an "old" language but it's still very popular to use for the majority of website owners such as "WordPress" sites and such.

Q: Why is this open-source and free?
A: We want all server owners and admins to have an equal and fair chance to offer this script without any hidden fees. Typically to hire a PHP or STACK/SLACK dev can range from $100-3500 USD per project depending on the size and time to create the project. By releasing this open-source and free to everyone it helps everyone save cost from paying a dev to code it for the website. In addition to having this open-source, it allows community members to contribute towards the GitHub project and make improvements that can specifically improve their gaming communities and websites.
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