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GamingOGs - Player Counter Discord Bot 2.0

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  • Displays the total amount of online players as a discord status.
  • Displays single servers online players as a discord status.
  • Supports both rotations and MAX total online players you can choose which.
  • 100% compatible with any steam games that have a query port.
  • Can be used with multiple different video games at once to show maximum player counts.
  • No plugin is required to use this bot, the source code is included with the bot .ZIP file.
What can discord bot be used for?:
  • Collect real-time player data from discord without having to research the online players via URLs.
  • Helpful for marketing your servers to have an understanding of real-time feedback from marketing posts.
  • Excellent for providing server staff members a solution to track in real-time the online players.
    "token": "Enter_Bot_Token_Here",
    "displayTotal": true,
    "servers": [

Installation instructions:
Step 1. Install Node.JS
Step 2. After installing Node.JS, Reboot the computer.
Step 3. Install the DiscordBot into any folder on your computer/box.
Step 4. Edit the configuration file to add your IP/PORTs
Step 5. Run the "Run.bat" file.
Step 6. Enjoy the bot!

Bot token instructions:
Step 1. Go to "Click Me"
Step 2. Click "New Application"
Step 3. Click on the "Bots" tab.
Step 4. Click "Create Bot"
Step 5. Click the "COPY" button to copy the bot's secret token.
Step 6. Head to the "OAuth2" tab.
Step 7. Click "Bot" and underneath that click "Administrate"
Step 8. This will generate a URL, copy the URL and paste it into the browser to invite your bot into your private discord.

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