[GamingOGs] Lootboxes

[GamingOGs] Lootboxes 1.9.2

  • Resolved syncing issue reported for plugin integration.
  • Resolve a crash reported in command logger and protection/orp plugin.

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Note: Please note this update is required for all users as it required updates and changes to our new auth system.

  • Fixed a bug reported where some users were having issues with the new files and auth system.
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New Changes:
• Improved our "HWID" activation system based on user feedback.
(Now supports single or both activation methods. For users who have to change HWIDs/IPs the new update will support this.)

• Applied new .DLL file name format to support camel casing API system provided by GameServerApp.
(This will allow future GamingOGs plugins to be installed on the GameServerApp dashboard system without requiring manual updating.)

• Cleaned up some code and updated the version system to 1.9 to support new web panel updates.

• Removed the GOG from all .DLL files.

• Improved the .PDB files to offer more helpful debugging.

• All .ZIP files will now include the version numbers on each upload.

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Note: This is considered a major update and requires you to request a new license key via our support tickets in the discord server listed below. This new system is designed to provide more encryption and better security for the safety of all users. This new system also gives us more control and freedom over FREE and PAID plugins with better monitoring.

New Changes:
• Added a new "protection" system that enhances the security of the plugin.
• Improved HWID and IP activation methods to dramatically make plugins long-term support new hosting.
• Updated the plugins to the latest API branch.
• New web panel has been created to support plugin activation and tracking.
• New discord bot has been created for plugin activation and tracking.

Config Changes:
     "LicenseKey": "key",
Patch Notes: • Fixed a bug inside the lootbox editor preventing users from deleting or creating new packages.

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Note: The time has finally come! Lootboxes are back and stronger than ever these new updates allow server owners and admins more control over their lootboxes with a massive performance increase with major exploits and crashes bug fixes.

New Changes:
  • Lootboxes have officially been recoded from scratch. This new system took us a full year to fully create and beta test the bugs and kinks out. We can confidently say this new build is much more optimized and modular when it comes to giving you more control and freedom of what exactly you want to use the lootboxes with.
  • The new configuration file is completely redone. Make sure you use the new configuration file with the new lootbox editor to ensure you get a config file out quickly.
  • Completely recoded lootboxes editor from scratch this new update will let you create a config file using the editor program fast and efficiently.
  • A new website script for PHP has been created so server owners/admins can now display data directly on their website for lootboxes MySQL data.
  • A "FREE" version of lootboxes has been created inside the "Admin Tools (Click Me)" mod. You can now use physical loot crates in-game and set up randomized rewards in-game if you prefer to use actual loot crates instead of using a GUI-based plugin system.

Patch Notes:

  • Applied major bug fixes from the last lootboxes build the majority of crashes have been completely resolved in this new build.
  • Patched different exploits that have been reported over the past year.

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This update was based on community feedback; this update allows GamingOGs plugins to work alongside the GameServerAPP update.

  • Added new folder naming to work with GameServerApp one-stop installs.

Check out our discord: https://discord.gg/YadtVbB
Patch Notes
  • Updated our HWID system to include a new feature where we can enable future plugins to be free and not require the HWID activation setup.
More updates located in our discord: https://discord.gg/YadtVbB
Patch Notes
  • Added a new command to disable lootboxes for "X" time. (Very useful when doing events or wipe cycles.)
  • Added a new command to enable lootboxes. (Very useful when doing events or wipe cycles.)
  • Added a new command to randomly add/set/remove to single or all players. (Allows you to control everyone's lootboxes instead of single users.)
  • Lootbox editor now allows the config setting to give a min/max amount of points instead of a set "X" amount.
  • Added a configuration setting to disable Discord Metrics for server owners who don't want to use the discord logging feature.
  • When a user types /boxes it will now generate a syntax and display a message instead of being blank.
  • Improved the admin console logging to lower the number of red errors seen when inventory is full and can't get items.
  • Added a failsafe to prevent loot box from being removed if the user's inventory is full.
  • Added in last update a setting to allow loot box editor to define MySQL login settings from within the editor itself.
  • Performance and other tweaks were made to better optimize the plugin itself.

New Commands:
  • Cheat disableboxes 24h - This will disable lootboxes from being earned or used for that "X" time. [m=minutes/h=hours/d=days]
  • Cheat enableboxes - This will enable all lootboxes to become earnable and accessible again.
  • Cheat RemoveBox SteamID BoxName Amount - This allows admins to remove boxes from players in-game.
  • Cheat SetBox SteamID BoxName Amount - This command instead of giving them boxes it sets the boxes to a defined "X" amount.
  • Cheat SetBoxAll BoxName Amount - This will do the same as command above but it does to everyone online currently.
  • Cheat GiveBoxAll BoxName Amount - Same as GiveBox command but it gives it to everyone online currently.
  • Cheat RandBoxAll BoxName Amount - Same as the RandBox command but it gives it to everyone online currently.
  • Cheat RemoveBoxAll BoxName Amount - Will remove the "X" amount of boxes from everyone online.

Config Changes:
    "Items": [
      "Type": "points",
      "Description": "Pts",
      "Probability": 50,
      "MinPoints": 100, // This is new
      "MaxPoints": 1000 // This is new
   "EnableMetrics": false,
"BoxesDisabled": "Boxes are disabled for {}"
More updates located in our discord: https://discord.gg/YadtVbB
Patch Notes
  • Updated the loot box editor to allow server owners to modify the MySQL login details via the editor.
  • Added the latest discord metrics and command logger plugins into the .ZIP file.
More updates located in our discord: https://discord.gg/YadtVbB
Patch Notes
  • Improved the way our system works for authorization of HWIDS. All users must update to this latest build to ensure the new auth system works correctly.
More updates located in our discord: https://discord.gg/YadtVbB