[GamingOGs] Discord Metrics

[GamingOGs] Discord Metrics 1.9.1

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Note: Please note this update is required for all users as it required updates and changes to our new auth system.

  • Fixed a bug reported where some users were having issues with the new files and auth system.
Discord Invite URL: https://discord.gg/YadtVbB
New Changes:
• Improved our "HWID" activation system based on user feedback.
(Now supports single or both activation methods. For users who have to change HWIDs/IPs the new update will support this.)

• Applied new .DLL file name format to support camel casing API system provided by GameServerApp.
(This will allow future GamingOGs plugins to be installed on the GameServerApp dashboard system without requiring manual updating.)

• Cleaned up some code and updated the version system to 1.9 to support new web panel updates.

• Removed the GOG from all .DLL files.

• Improved the .PDB files to offer more helpful debugging.

• All .ZIP files will now include the version numbers on each upload.

Join Our Discord: https://discord.gg/YadtVbB
Note: This is considered a major update and requires you to request a new license key via our support tickets in the discord server listed below. This new system is designed to provide more encryption and better security for the safety of all users. This new system also gives us more control and freedom over FREE and PAID plugins with better monitoring.

New Changes:
• Added a new "protection" system that enhances the security of the plugin.
• Improved HWID and IP activation methods to dramatically make plugins long-term support new hosting.
• Updated the plugins to the latest API branch.
• New web panel has been created to support plugin activation and tracking.
• New discord bot has been created for plugin activation and tracking.

Config Changes:
     "LicenseKey": "key",
Patch Notes: • Fixed a bug inside the lootbox editor preventing users from deleting or creating new packages.

Join discord today: https://discord.gg/B67MNYS7
This update was based on community feedback; this update allows GamingOGs plugins to work alongside the GameServerAPP update.

  • Added new folder naming to work with GameServerApp one-stop installs.

Check out our discord: https://discord.gg/YadtVbB
This update was based on community feedback and this update should provide a much-needed performance increase for the servers with a much higher population.
  • Removed the need to have Discord Bot being hosted. Now the plugin no longer requires you to download and set up a discord bot.
  • Fixed a reported crash bug.
  • Added an option to "LogEverything": true so you no longer have to manually type every single ark command.
  • Added new setting BlacklistRconCommands inside command logger. This will let you blacklist certain commands from being logged.
  • Added a failsafe method that no longer lets the plugin get "Rate Limited" on higher population servers.
  • Cleaned up the code to start improving the system for the new mega lootbox/arkshop update.
  • Dramatically increased performance and optimization for the plugin.

More updates located in our discord: https://discord.gg/YadtVbB
We have located a bug where new users were being asked for HWID activation. The plugin now doesn't require any sort of HWID activation making this plugin 100% free to use.