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This update was based on community feedback and this update should provide a much-needed performance increase for the servers with a much higher population.
  • Removed the need to have Discord Bot being hosted. Now the plugin no longer requires you to download and set up a discord bot.
  • Fixed a reported crash bug.
  • Added an option to "LogEverything": true so you no longer have to manually type every single ark command.
  • Added new setting BlacklistRconCommands inside command logger. This will let you blacklist certain commands from being logged.
  • Added a failsafe method that no longer lets the plugin get "Rate Limited" on higher population servers.
  • Cleaned up the code to start improving the system for the new mega lootbox/arkshop update.
  • Dramatically increased performance and optimization for the plugin.

More updates located in our discord:
We have located a bug where new users were being asked for HWID activation. The plugin now doesn't require any sort of HWID activation making this plugin 100% free to use.