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GamingOGs ArkShop Editor!
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  • Create any "Ark/Atlas Shop" config files without spending hours of coding line by line json edits.
  • JSON Validation feature, this feature allows the program to validate the configuration file to let you know if the configuration file has any errors or is a valid JSON. No more having to use JSON validation websites to validate your configuration files anymore!

What can ArkShop Editor be used for?:
  • Create a very complex JSON configuration file within minutes instead of spending hours and hours trying to code line by line using notepad editor programs.
  • The program will validate your config file letting you know it's safe to deploy live to ensure you get the most stable JSON file possible when creating.
  • Allow server staff members like moderators or admins to help create arkshop config files without needing any training on how JSON config files work. This allows people with zero experience in editing JSON files to be able to create smooth and flawless files with little to no errors.
A full list of blueprint paths can be found here:

- We will be getting with Michdiu and seeing if we can also deploy out a much needed MEGA update for the main arkshop plugin here in the coming weeks. The mega update would basically provide much more in-depth features for arkshop/atlasshop to give server owners more flexibility.

Program Installation:
1. Create a folder on the desktop.
2. Drag - Drop file contents inside the folder.
3. Run the program and begin editing away!
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Latest reviews

i have issue with host hwd?
Works great - would rate 5 Stars if there would be an easy method to "copy - paste"
Everything works great just wondering if it would be possible to add the names of the items in the kits so you can easier see what you are editing
Thank you! Great suggestion, we can certainly look into adding that for next update.
Thanks, its perfect, helps soo much.
This is by far the best arkshop editor tool on the web even know its free I would pay a fee for this tool, the layout/theme is amazing can't wait for the big update
Great tool!! Congratulations!
Thank you! Glad you enjoy it.