Extended RCON

Extended RCON 3.3

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New commands added:
  • KickAllPlayers
  • KillAllPlayers
  • ListAllStructures
  • ListAllPlayerSteamId
  • ListTribeDinos
  • ListUnclaimedDinos
  • SetPlayerTribeOwner
  • SetPlayerTribeAdmin
Fixed command:
  • RenameCharacter (For real this time!)
New commands added:
  • DestroyTribeDinos <TribeID>
  • DestroyTribeStructures <TribeID>
  • DestroyTribePlayers <TribeID>
  • DestroyTribeAll <TribeID>
  • GiveArmorSet <SteamID> <Tier> <Quality>
  • RenameCharacter <SteamID> <NewName>
  • SetFacialHair <SteamID> <Length> <Style>
  • SetHeadHair <SteamID> <Length> <Style>
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  • Added Showframes command
  • Potential crash fix when hot load / hot unload
  • Fixed AddHexagon (It should now only give to the specified player!)
  • Added TribeChatMsg
  • Added TribeLogMsg

    Note: This version doesn't support "Hot Load" or "Hot Unload". To avoid server crash, close down the server and update the plugin.

  • Updated for API v3.4 (Will still work with API v3.2!)
  • Added GetPlayerName
  • Added GetTribeName
  • Added ListAllPlayerPos
  • Added AddHexagon
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  • Fixed DinoColor command crash
  • Added SetImprintQuality command
  • Added SetImprintToPlayer command
  • Updated for API v3.2.
  • Added DinoColor command
  • Added FeedDino command
  • Updated for API v2.5.
  • ListPlayerDinos crash should be fixed.
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