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[Event] Team Deathmatch 2.0

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Team Death Match Event

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  • this is a tdm based event single life, when the event is started you type /join to queue once the queuing time is over everyone will be teleported to a event place (position set in config), then you are given a random range of equipment which is random to the round and configurable in the config meaning each round can have different equipment's making it more of a fun event, then players are input will be disabled for a 30 second countdown (waiting for those slow potato's to teleport), once the 30 seconds is over the fight is now on the last team alive is the winner and will be given a random reward from the rewards array configured in the config only 1 of the items will be selected as the reward at random.
  • config is loaded based on map name so if you run on ragnarok be sure your config is called Ragnarok.json (Ragnarok / Island exists already from my tests)
  • Automatically equips weapons to quick slots (auto gear equip may come later if i work out how)
  • Checks if players are naked before entering
  • Apply's fair hp, melee, speed limits and resets them back later
  • Overrides death so players don't actually die but instead are removed from the event and given full stats back
  • Players are teleported back to where they started from
  • Checks if the player is riding a dino if so refuses them in the event
  • Players Inputs are disabled for 30 seconds when teleported to the start of the event they cant move this is normal i added this for people with slow pc's that may not arrive at the event area instantly
  • While players are waiting for the 30 second fight they cannot damage each other
  • Supports multiple spawn locations so players don't spawn on each other
  • Configurable Messages
  • Configurable spawn locations

Console Commands:
  • cheat tdmreload - reloads team deathmatch config

  • PlayersNeededToStart - this is the amount of players needed for the event to start this should be above 1 for test purposes its set as 1 be sure to change this
  • JoinMessages - how many times to announce the event before starting it, each announcement is sent based on the interval of JoinMessageDelaySeconds
  • JoinMessageDelaySeconds - How often to display the join messages lowering this will make events start faster
  • StructureProtection - ability to protect your event area structures if you dont get it set it to false
  • StructureProtectionPosition - the centre location of your structure's
  • StructureProtectionDistance - the distance from the centre location that we should protect the structures (adjusting this is like making a bubble bigger or smaller) adjusting this too far may protect buildings that are build by players so be careful.
  • TopNotifications - Notifications at the top of the screen showing how many are left in the event.
  • MovementSpeedAddon - Adjust this to increase players movement speed default is 0
  • ArkShopPointsEntryFee - Set a entry fee on the event
  • ArkShopPointsRewardMin & ArkShopPointsRewardMax - the winner will get a random amount of points rewarded to him in between these values
  • KillOnLoggout - if a player logs out in event arena kill him? if false it wipes his inventory and teleport s him back where he came from resetting his stats in personal opinion false is the better choice
  • Spawns - this is where you set the positions for the players to spawn to you can have multiple here its good to have like 20 you can look at Island.json for a example with multiple spawns and to get your current location you can type /tpos in chat and it will output your position at server console, chatbox and dump into json format in ArkApi/Plugins/AZEventManager/PosDump.txt
  • Equipment - this is where you can add many different equipment scenario's thus making each battle different for one battle you can have bows and arrows and another melee ect one will be selected at random when the event starts and everyone is given that random equipment
  • Rewards - this is a big list of rewards a winning player is given 1 of the rewards from the list at random, you may notice min and max values you can alter these to make random Quality rewarded items or Random amounts of Quantity or even a chance of getting a BP if you don't want random amounts set the min and max the same value
  • Messages - Configurable messages used by the event plugin

Upcoming features / Bugs:

Any donation is much appreciated and very helpful towards the upkeep/creation of the plugins i provide, Plugins take time to create some hours some days and I keep 99% of them open source for others to learn from.

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Latest updates

  1. Team Deathmatch 2.0

    added stat modifiers to armour / items added server log when players win now player buffs are...
  2. Team Deathmatch 1.9

    Built with Server Api 3.2 added pdb for better crash stacks
  3. 1.8 Team Deathmatch

    possibly patched crash

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